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Hello from Belgium

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(the dutch part)

Hey all,

It's been a while since I registered but I never found the time to properly introduce myself. :)

I'm 34 years old, from the flemisch part of Belgium and I love to wear high heels myself. The higher the better, stiletto heels, pointy toes is what I like the most.

This has been since I was little so it would be hard to say goodbye too. I'm fortunate that I have a loving wife that is very understanding and let's me be free in this.

I hope to meet some likeminded people in here to chat, write etc..
I'm not that confident enough yet to wear high heels in public, although the feeling of 'shame' (although, it's not real shame, most people will understand) is slowly fading away since I told my wife and she's understanding it more and more.

But the open talks about the topic with her are rare so that's the main reason why I registered on the board here.

To meet and talk with likeminded people.. :)



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Welcome to the board!

There are lots of folks here that heel in private but haven't stepped into the public eye as yet.  And there are lots of folks here that wish they had a wife as understanding as yours.

As for public heeling, do it with confidence or don't do it, and I find heeling in boots is much easier than pointy tow pumps with stiletto heels.

Again, welcome.


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Welcome along for the ride.  It is a lot of fun here. It's great to have an understanding wife to help in the quest for being able to wear a pair of heels that you like.    I was in your shoes (lol) at the beginning and only wore heels at home.   Now I'm out shopping clubs and where ever in heels and a skirt, not trying to pass as a girl. Just a guy in a pair of heels and I always get positive compliments 

Again welcome,



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