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  1. It takes time to be able to walk proficiently in ballet heels. It's great that you are making progress, just keep up the practice, and look after your toes
  2. Not really...... any padding is better than none, its just ballet toe pads make ballets walkable, IMHO
  3. Standing and walking in ballet heels takes a little practice, but you'll get there. Get some toe pads.
  4. To Darkfox, are those a pair of those wonderous ballet heels, with the small toe box added at the front. I love the look with the jeans, of just the tiny toe box on view.
  5. I emailed Pleaser about larger sizes. They are not planning making them at the moment, but I'll buy some when they decide to. I want the 1020 ankle boots
  6. I'd wear them, unfortunately they are too big for me
  7. I personnally prefer my ballets to have heels
  8. I agree with Dr Shoe's comments above - they'd make great trainers, and I'd like to see a straighter version
  9. Put's a different meaning on ballet shoes!
  10. Amanda, I agree with you. I love to see girls in the highest of heels, but they've got to be able to walk in them
  11. I would love to try walking in a pair of those
  12. Suzanne is an expert at walking in ballet heels, I don't think many of us could do as well as her.
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