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  1. To Darkfox, are those a pair of those wonderous ballet heels, with the small toe box added at the front. I love the look with the jeans, of just the tiny toe box on view.
  2. I emailed Pleaser about larger sizes. They are not planning making them at the moment, but I'll buy some when they decide to. I want the 1020 ankle boots
  3. I'd wear them, unfortunately they are too big for me
  4. I personnally prefer my ballets to have heels
  5. I agree with Dr Shoe's comments above - they'd make great trainers, and I'd like to see a straighter version
  6. Put's a different meaning on ballet shoes!
  7. Amanda, I agree with you. I love to see girls in the highest of heels, but they've got to be able to walk in them
  8. I would love to try walking in a pair of those
  9. Suzanne is an expert at walking in ballet heels, I don't think many of us could do as well as her.
  10. I'd love to try a pair, anything different is worth a try
  11. High heels are definitely an addiction - I love them
  12. Hi Rach, hope that you are having fun with your ballet boots - they do get easier with use and practice

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