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  1. ahah, really? I mean, afaik there in sweden (as in all northern europe) a man in heel is not judged so harshly as here in Italy...

  2. indeed! Everyone is in ultra heels!

  3. wow Sweden, the place were I'd like to live!

  4. A quick shot of a pair that I bought cheap off ebay Germany ($70, I think), they are very fun to wear, and also easy to stand/walk in, but of course I don't expect any quality for that price.
  5. I miss not downloading and saving the great little video of singer Martika in ballet boots. It was unfortunatley removed from youtube.
  6. ...about her usage of heels: http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/celebrity/Pamela+Anderson-19328.html
  7. there is an old rumour/myth (it might be true, who knows?) that the legs shown on packages of stockings/tights are actually mostly young men's legs, not women's due to the fact that guys usually have longer legs.
  8. can you say anyhing about your experience of the accuracy of sizes from that site - a girlfriend of mine said she had to return them due to too large sizes?
  9. Mano


    yes, quite amazing! what brand are they?
  10. did you ever catch that clip of lovely singer Martika dancing and falling in ballet heels? It seems to be gone now, I forgot to save it...
  11. here is some of the latest pictures of her... http://img338.imageshack.us/my.php?image=56755celebutopiavictorisc2.jpg
  12. I love it when she wears those mules with at least a 5" heel and that little platform, almost her trademark! I guess she has them custom made somewhere?
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