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  1. Ups i'm afraid I was missunderstood. My poor english don't let me express what I want to. I meant that many womens here like men in heels. And I like read they opinions even that womens who dislike. Im not upset when I read that someone don't like men in HH. Everyone have own opinion. Mens shouldn't do this. Everyone likes what they want. I'm far away from to convince everyone that men in hh are loook great and womens love them. As i said my english is poor and i stay beside and Will read this conversation mostly.
  2. Many ladies here didn't upset guys - i think - because they like men in hh. Some even live with boyfriends/husband who wear hh. Of course many ladies don't like man in hh and we have to respect this (maybe some day they will change their mind It is my wish).
  3. It would be nice indeed. I prefer when girls/womens discuss in "everybody" section. I really like read what they say about high heels experience.
  4. Cherish her. She likes heels and she also share her pics with heels. It's true treasure.
  5. My wife don't care what shoe she wears. When she buys shoes there is two conditions: must like them and must be feminie. I very like heels also when i wear but she don't accept this shoes on me.
  6. My favourite are these third from left. They look very pretty.
  7. If i understant well ..... .Yes. I wat to see more pictures these shoes.
  8. Very nice picts, and beautiful shoes. Could you share with us more pictures of that shoes?
  9. mrk

    Marmi shoes

    Hi Show us those sandals. Do you have to any pictures of them. You can show us by url to site. Mrk
  10. They look very pretty.
  11. Only what i have found is in this link: http://men.style.com/fashion/collections/S2007MEN/review/JPGMEN but i can't see heels for men fasion.
  12. Tell us about her. She likes when you wear HH. What was her opinion about men in HH. Do you ask her about this? Did you ever talk about this with her?
  13. I have been thinking that is completly different than you said. :shocked:In my country men in HH is verry strange incident. At this time i have thought that in your country you have more freedom in fassion. I meant that you can wear HH whenever you want.
  14. <admirer5577> Nice story. Especialy i like part when one girl told about event which has met her.
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