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  1. Wile E. Coyot, please check your PM box.
  2. jmc

    Whatcha Using?

    Home-built dual-core AMD Athlon, ATI Radeon HD 3450 graphics, dual monitors (1680x1050, 1360 x 768), 1 GB RAM, 2x 500 MB drive, Slackware Linux 13-1, DSL internet connection. That's the older box but it still works. Linux is the Energizer Bunny of OS's -- it just keeps going and going and going . . . -- or -- Home-built tri-core AMD Athlon, ATI Radeon HD 3450 graphics, dual monitors (1920 x 1080, both), 2 GB RAM, 1x 500 MB drive, 1x (soon to be 2x) 1TB drive, Slackware Linux 13.37, DSL internet connection. That's the newer box. Not cutting edge but it does what I need it to do. -- or -- Acer Aspire One netbook, Intel Atom processor, not much memory (like maybe a gig), Windows 7, 1024 x 600 display -- when I'm on the go. You need a bank of blinking lights under that monitor It would be at home on the bridge of the Enterprise!
  3. jmc

    Guys Posting In The Girls Forum - An Apology

    You are absolutely correct -- it has been a problem from day one. The Internet, by its very nature, is an anonymous place and some people like to use this anonymity to their own advantage. We have had members masquerade as females because they thought having access to the "For the Girls" forum would allow them an advantage in picking up women. It didn't work because women don't come here to get "picked up" and eventually, as reality dawned on these members, frustration set in and their true identity became known. The result was not pertty. We have had members masquerade as women because of the excitement of "pulling it off". And they did for a while but eventually living a lie gets boring. And they, perhaps subconsciously, make a slip. People really dislike being lied to. We know that there are a lot of faux "girls" in our membership. We generally don't have proof. Occasionally we do find proof and we confront the affected member but it takes a lot of effort and some luck to make it happen. We don't, after all, require a DNA sample from new members (and even if we did, we have no way to verify that the sample actually came from the member in question). We hold the view that it is not possible to fully appreciate high heels without considering the female perspective. Women have made it clear that they want a shield from male interference in their forum aned we extend this to them as a courtesy. I think most of us would agree the ladies deserve this courtesy at the very least. Do you really have an issue with a lady visiting the guys' forum? The women want a place of their own -- they have made this abundantly clear. Don't they deserve it? Your understanding is correct. Guys, in a stunning demonstration of a dearth of self-control, practically overran the girls' forum and the women felt unappreciated if not mildly threatened. So they left.
  4. jmc

    User Name Change

    The deed is done. For reference, this is best accomplished by sending a request via PM to an admin -- your friendly, local website team is listed at the link "The Moderating Team" at the bottom of the main page.
  5. <mod note> In the interest of clarity, I have renamed this thread. We now return to your regular programming . . . <end mod note>
  6. jmc


    As the "victim" of a great many software and system upheavals that were sold as "upgrades", I must register my heartfelt agreement with your observation! Anytime somebody bandies that word around in my presence, I cannot help but wonder "Just what is going to stop working now?"
  7. jmc


    Well, I don' know if there is a "standard" emoticon for that so I fired up the paint program to give it a shot. It's a little crude but here goes: (Okay, that structure over his/her head is intended to be a paper airplane.) I never said I was a graphic artist . . . ("overhead" is in the standard emoticon list, hit "show all" and s/he's at the end of the list.) If anybody else has any artistic leanings and wishes to try her/his hand at creating an emoticon, you may post your artwork in this thread and I can add it to the list. Please keep emoticons small, use the size of the current ones as a guide.
  8. jmc

    Long Time No See

    Welcome back! Yes, the site has changed quite a bit. We had a major software upgrade a while back and in the process we switched over to an entirely different operating system. All (well, virtually all) of the old functionality is there but some of it is in different places or works a bit differently. Further, there is a lot of new stuff too. For further details, explore the Technical and Site-Specific Announcements forums.
  9. jmc


    I do not believe the problem stems from HHplace, for the following reasons: 1). The problem manifests itself with other sites too. There is a similar discussion ongoing at heels4men.org, our "brother" site. This behavior has shown itself at other discussion forums too. 2). The redirect is taking place before users get here, it is happening as they are leaving Google. Because of this redirect action, users are never getting here. Trouble is, we exercise absolutely no control over what Google does. For my own edification, could somebody please explain something to me? Here is the situation as I understand it: You are on your computer, surfing the Web. You decide you want to drop in to HHplace. Now you have been here more times than you can count, www.hhplace.org is already resident in your browser's history list. But you go to www.google.com and search for hhplace, then use that link to get here. (hopefully) See, I don't do it that way. Maybe it's just me but I go to the address bar on my own browser, clear it out (usually accomplished by double-clicking on it), and type 'hh'. My browser, with its infallible electronic memory, expands that string into "www.hhplace.org". I hit "enter" and I'm here. It's a double-click, two keystrokes and an "enter", no Google required. So here is the question: Why are users going to Google anyway? It's a search engine, it is there to help you find stuff you don't already know about. You already know about HHplace, so why are you searching for it again? Is it just habit? I am not saying that going to Google first is wrong, they are obviously there to use. It just seems odd to me. I agree that this redirect problem will prevent users from finding stuff they are looking for and that means Google is failing in their mission. But that is Google's problem and they are aware of it. The ball is in their court at this point in time.
  10. jmc

    Alex Jones (Gun Thread)

    In the interest of peace and harmony, I am locking this thread. We are an international forum, some of our members come from societies that do not allow personal ownership of firearms while others come from societies where firearm ownership is allowed. This is a topic that is never going to be settled and from previous experience, this discussion will escalate, get out-of-hand and cause strife.
  11. jmc


    Sounds like Google is doing something funky. That other site may have done some "keyword spamming" to move itself up in the list of hits for "HHplace", though why they would do that escapes me. (Their site does not seem to be particularly relevant to high heels.) Further I cannot explain how they could insert a redirect into Google's link. I will admit I am not intimately familiar with Google's inner workings. Personally, I would recommend setting a bookmark to get here with a minimum of fuss. In my case, I just double-click on my address bar and type "hh". Firefox "remembers" the full URL from the last time I was here and it auto-completes the address. After that I just hit "enter" and I'm here. That's a double-click and three keystrokes, we each have our own ways of doing things.
  12. jmc


    Amanda, how are you navigating your way to this site? Are you using a bookmark, do you type "www.hhplace.org" in the address bar, do you get here from a list of links? The URL you cited in your posting looks more than a little bit spammy -- it asks you to sign up for a bunch of stuff and generates a cascade of pop-up windows. It's a shining example of the kind of site I like to stay away from -- nothing but trouble there. I have a suspicion that your link to HHplace may have been corrupted somehow -- but I can only guess not knowing the details of your setup. You might try clearing your cache (I will need to know what browser program you are using to help with that.)
  13. jmc


    Yes, that's the key.

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