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  1. I have heeled in HH Cowboy boots for many many years now. I started with a 3" heel which raised no looks at all. I now wear 4, 4.5 and 5" heel cowboy boots, and occassionally get comments like, "Wow, I haven't seen boots like that before" but they are usually followed with, "Those are pretty cool!!"
  2. I recently ordered these to see for myself what the quality is, as they will work you to create your own styles. But at $200 for a basic pair, I ordered some of their ready made to see what they are like. This pair is a bit on the tall side for my daily wear, but will be nice for a night out! Onlymaker boot TLHHB's
  3. Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas, constructive criticism or viewpoints on these boots? They are on their way back to Miguel for the above changes. I am so excited I can't wait to get them back to actually wear them!!! TLAHHBoots!!
  4. As I type this reply, I look back on the 30 years of fashion that I have been a part of, and heeling began with a great pair of Cowboy boots that fit really great! But on the other hand I started wearing kilts after a tour in Scotland courtesy of Uncle Sam. I do not mix the two currently or previously. I have toyed with dressing, but only at Halloween. I have decided personally that I will kilt and utilikilt as a guy, and I will heel as a guy, but to dress enfemme, that is not who I am. But I agree with other poster's that in my opinion, jeans are jeans, shirts are shirts etc, and as it works out I am lanky enough that women's jeans fit much better than men's jeans, so that is what I wear all the time, and have for many years. TLAHHB's
  5. Yes, they are a 4" heel. I have another pair of MJ boots with 4.5" heel and a pair of MJ Boots with 3" heel, all very chunky heels. I wanted one pair that was a tall heel, but was just on the ragged edge of masculine vs feminine..... Thanks!!!! Thanks!!!! Here is what I have asked Miguel to do with the heels, and to add a rear access zipper for foot entry. Here is a pair of boots (Black) that is where I am drawing my inspiration from... TLAHHB's
  6. Here are my new Jones Boots, and I am very excited to see that they are just as I had hoped. Unfortunately the ankle opening is too narrow for my big foot to fit. I have sent Miguel an e-mail to see where to return them for correction. I may ask him to take a little off the heel to to narrow it up just a tiny bit, though I like them as they are, if the bottom was narrowed by 1/4" side to side and also front to back It may make the seem less chunky, but on the other hand may make the boot too feminine, as that is not the look I am going for. What are your all thoughts? tightlevisandhhboots
  7. Good afternoon heel lovers! I have not been on the board for a very long time, but I have continued heeling with great success. I now wear my HH Cowboy boots nearly everyday to work. The only exception is when I wear my kilt to work. I ordered about a month ago a new pair of cowboy boots that will look something like this but will have a 3 3/4 to 4" heel and a 10" shaft with the tooling etc. I asked that the heel pad be 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" so that they are still pretty stable and a bit blocky but not a huge heel. Here are my daily wear boots. 3" heel. very good for mud, snow gravel rain etc... This is a pair of Jones Boots but look just like my Western Ranch Boots that I have ahd for over 10 years going on 15. Let me know what you all think! TightLevisandHHBoots (TLAHHB's)
  8. I have ordered 3 pair from him. The best fitting ones, we're the ones that I traced my foot out on, and mailed the measurements to him. That pair fit the best! But custom takes a long time. Always add almost a month to his estimates. But I love all three pair! TLAHHB's
  9. My kids ignore for the most part, but do answer friends questions with yeah, those are my dads, or you've seen him wearing those. All matter-of-factly. No problems in the many years of heeling. My wife tho, does give me an eye-roll if she doesn't approve of a new pair... TLAHHB
  10. All my other heeled boots are slick soles like dress shoes/pumps etc. I ordered these for wearing to work in the winter. They needed to be waterproof, good traction on ice and snow, and sturdy, as I am in and out of the truck, the office and out in the field all day, and in some of the nastiest winter weather the great white north can offer. I decided to save money on the stitching to keep them more of a work boot, but that was too plain, so I have always liked the Harley/biker harness style boots, so I asked Miguel to add the decorative harness onto the boots. I also had him add the zipper for ease if access, when I don't have my boot tree with me to remove my boots. Here in the north it is customary to remove your shoes at the door, and when wearing my other boots out and about, it can be a buy of a pain to get off my snug fitting boots.
  11. When I play my guitar at church, I actually prefer to wear heels, though for now it is just HH cowboy boots. Singing is easier, and foot switches are a little easier. But would really prefer pumps for the same reason of the switches, but in today's society, my boots are accepted, but pumps would definitely not be.... TLAHHB
  12. It is a term used in Cowboy boots that indicates a toe that is rounded, but more pointy or sharp than a traditional round toe. They do not look too long like most pointy tie shoes/boots and they give more room in the toe box for better comfort for all day comfort. TLAHHB
  13. Every Sunday!!! 3, 3.5 and 4.5 inch Heeled Boots!
  14. I would like to wear skinny jeans this year with my flashy 4.5" Jones Boots, but will have to drop a few pounds at the waist before I can pull off that look well. I like tight jeans, as my signature states, but having a belly hanging over the tight jeans ruins the look;-) TightLevisandHHBoots
  15. While a few of these shoes do peak my interest, I will be content for now with my Jones Boots for happy heeling! But thanks for the link! TightLevisandHHBoots
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