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  1. The Queen of Heels

    OK my sexy old LSB Platform Mules playing glamour girl :-)
  2. My Designer Collection

    GML Peep Toes
  3. The Queen of Heels

    the little bee is back
  4. The Queen of Heels

    Lady in Black
  5. My Designer Collection

    I have no idea, i bought this at a second hand store. Jimmy Choos and some more Zanottis and new CLs
  6. The Queen of Heels

    flower power with zanotti heels this is one of my faves
  7. The Queen of Heels

    Still looks the same, except many shoes are standing in front of the shoe closets or stored in the house elsewhere. I´m running out of space somehow Anyhow it did not grows as much as before. I bought a lot of designer heels and as they are really expensive boought more quality than quantity.
  8. The Queen of Heels

    Sorry, after all the messe with the shop and the suppliers from the uk, we started to have all shoes produced in italy. This takes a lot of time, but now i have more time for the cool things
  9. My Designer Collection

    Yes, Casadei @all Thanks for your kind words :-) more CLs
  10. The Queen of Heels

    having fun alone
  11. My Designer Collection

    some new Designer Heels one more
  12. Help Needed With Elite-Heels.com Order, Never Received!

    Hi guys, it won´t take long, but we decided to stop working with these two british supliers who brought us into trouble for many years. We found a new italian company who is relaible and we get the custom made stuff within 4 weeks starting Apirl 2013. All the others who wait a horrible time, say thanks to the ones who make thes shoes. The one suplier is Fabulously Fetish, he was not able for whatever reason, even we paid all orders instantly plus we helped him with some thousands of british pounds to pay his rent, workers and material. We even had to order the shoe soles in italy as he owed these guys a lot of money and they did not gave any goods anymore. The other company was Leatherworks, we paid Costakis Loizu again many thousands for shoes, but he closed his factory, sold the machines to his brother (on the paper) and our paid stuff has been sold on ebay. Again, sorry for the delays, your money is not gone, when you want a refund you get it instandly, if you want to wait for the goods, they told us to send by the end of the week two big packages. Nick, you got a refund on Dec. 10th 2012 , check your credit card/paypal account.
  13. My Designer Collection

    the result of a tortured bank account
  14. The Queen of Heels

    Please do not mention these shops as they have a very negative efffect on my health and the shoes are branded elite-heels Dear Benno, so take care, next time we´re gonna see us in the grilling room