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  1. Gibson Les Paul :-) Love IT !!!

  2. poor quality of the pictures - high quality on the shoes
  3. thx, mano. i like them high shafts, too
  4. so difficult to take pictures of this ultra high shafts. 1969 italia, 12cm heel
  5. i´m totally disapointed by milanoo. they ignored my mails about waybills (they always write "gift" - very realistic) ems is cooperating with the "gdsk" in germany, so a "freeshipping item" costs me a 25 EUR extra costums-fee... i purchased 2 pairs at milanoo. the quality is very pure, and the last item i got (just half an hour ago) has a broken heel... shame on milanoo!
  6. just found out, that icone has an own shop on their website... http://www.iconeshoes.it/collezione.php?cat_id=10&ordby=COLORE
  7. this seller sometimes offers icone-shoes...not that much as in the past.... http://stores.ebay.it/Devil-Wears
  8. so, gina... what about this ones? they possibly would fit
  9. what i deserve? what if your husband is at home, too? just kidding... of course i want this 15000euro gibson les paul...hahaha lovely gina, if i´m ever able to find another pair from this style, it´s yours!
  10. pata, you´re always welcome! thank you for the pix! @all: sorry, not available anymore. this was the last pair. p.s. the bride is NOT pata
  11. ridiculous! you can have made them to your measure in mexico for 500$.
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