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  1. Kirsten Vangsness is extrememly gorgeous all around, heels or no heels. She plays Penelope Garcia on "Criminal Minds".
  2. Part of me wishes I would wake up as a woman so I can enjoy their fashions and everything. I would explore everything about me! Wife would flip out though, lol. Got my heels right next to my bed and my skirts in the closet, I would be ready to go! Yet I do agree with the post regarding to just wear what you want as a man. Interesting thread indeed.
  3. Jabble


    My heels from Milanoo.com came in yesterday! So, coming from China that is not bad shipping time. "onyourtoes" is correct about them not being the best of quality. They are in China sizes. Overall it was not all too bad. The cross ankle strap is the kind where you already have the buckle in place and the other strap has that little metal notch thing that you just place the other strap in. So it appears that you brought the strap all the way through and buckled it when in fact it is just resting in that notch.
  4. I really like these. Does anybody know where to find them?
  5. I just ordered these 119's last night. I love these too! Great taste.
  6. I also have to admit that have doubts. It was so bad about three years ago. I actually threw a number of high heels away, regrettably. Even some pairs that cannot be found anywhere. HHPLACE.ORG and my current wife have helped in the past few years. There are still some times here and there where I'm just thinking, "why?". And I do not wear heels out in public. I wore platform boots with a black utilitikilt on stage during a gig. A lot of girls thought I looked really cute and really wanted my boots. That was a fun night.
  7. Jabble


    Thank you. Here is an update. I placed my order for one single pair of high heels on the evening of the 12th. They were finally marked as "Shipped" today, That is about seven business to process a small order. They do have notice on their site that it can take up to that long to process orders. So, I can understand that. Perhaps they just get backed up with orders. The heels I ordered are those "cut away" heels I have in another thread with a poll. Cannot wait to get them.
  8. Those are nice! I have a pair just like these, except they're blue. Thanks for posting.
  9. Any fans of any of the "Alien" movies that derived from Ridley Scott's original "Alien" in 1979? These heels look really funky.
  10. Jabble


    I just ordered a pair of heels from there last week. I read a ton of good reviews on them. I can let you know about it all when I receive my package.
  11. I am not ready to venture out in heels. I have worn my three inch platform knee-high boots out on stage for a gig one night with a utilitikilt. The front of them drop to about two inches. It was extremely fun!
  12. Thanks for posting. She is very sexy looking, especially in those heels.
  13. Platforms, for the most part. It does depend on the shoes themselves. See and post a pic or two of those hot heels you mentioned from Vegas. Thanks.
  14. Yes yes yes! Always have. I do not wear them just to get turned on though. Most of the time I just wear them because I love to.
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