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  1. fantastic legs !

  2. Just read that you have left us, It's so sad to hear this I feel that I am partly to blame for this because I posted my site here which lead to the replies from Tech that helped you decide to leave, I am really sorry I wish I never put my post up now, I hope you come back one day, you will be missed!!

  3. That's a good heel height I read somewhere you can wear a 6 inch heel with no plat? I can only manage around a 5 inch heel with no plat if I try my 6 inch heels I can't stand straight in them my knees bend outwards, will I be able to wear them with practice?

  4. Just to say I'm leaving HHP, at least for the time being. I can't see myself returning, but you never know. Tech's posts in the nationalhighheelsweek topic haven't helped, but it's not only that. I've been thinking about it for a while, and I think it just comes down to the fact I have nothing left to give as a lot of the topics about guys in heels, crushing, being locked into heels, wearing heels in bed etc aren't relevant to me. I used to think girls just didn't like talking about shoes and stuff like that, but they do, just not here it seems, so I think I have more to contribute elsewhere
  5. They're just over 5.5in high and have a platform just under an inch

  6. Very reasonably priced then I like them a lot they've got a bit of a platform too, what heel height and what platform height are they?

  7. They're Guess SS06 I think and cost about £60

  8. Oh good that's ok then, What make are those white strappy sandals in your avatar and how much were they do you remember?

  9. That's fine, I just change it from time to time, you just reminded me it's been the same for a while

  10. Good your floor is all done and your shelves going in today bet you can't wait, What's with the change of avatar? Hope that's nothing to do with me? Mentioning your calf muscles they look great not too big at all, they are perfectly toned.

  11. Yes, I do a lot of dance mainly. The floor is all down, the shelves will start to go in today and I have next week off to finish everything off around the house including sorting the shoes out somehow

  12. Thought you worked out, How's the new shoe room going have put the floor down yet? How long will it take to finish your new shoe rooms?

  13. They look larger than they are in the picture because I'm kinda on tip-toe but I work out too

  14. I'm glad your OH is so cool with it and that he's a good at DIY if wasn't before he should be by now with all the shoe rooms he's had to build ha ha, Are those your legs in your on your avatar? If so you've got some calf muscles on you is that a result of wearing high heels all the time or do you just work out a lot?

  15. I've been with my OH for 7 years now and he's cool with it. He's the one building my shoe room again! I find taking care of the shoes is easy enough if you clean them before you put them away so it's never too bad.

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