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  1. Girls only please. For me a definite yes. Most of my Louboutins and YSLs have platforms. I loved super high stripper platforms although am growing out of these now and have focused my attention on designer platforms. What about you, do you like the style of platforms, and do you wear them yourself?
  2. Saw this in the guys forum, so was wondering how tall you ladies were? I don't think this is a repost. ONLY VOTE IF YOU ARE A GIRL PLEASE! Here are a few questions as well for a bit of conversation How tall are you? 5ft 2in Are you happy with your height? Yes, tho I'm a bit on the short side but most people just think that's cute Does your height have any bearing on why you wear heels? Maybe, I haven't got a complex about my height, it just feels nice to be a bit higher What would be your perfect height? Maybe 5ft 4in How does your height compare to your partner? My partner is 6ft, so he has 10 inches on me!
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