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  1. Perfect timing... I just checked in for the 1st time in ages. I left this place alone because I got bored of the same old questions. Maybe I'm being selfish, but it's just not my problem if people can't pluck up the courage to wear some shoes! OH... and one of the major reasons was all the political mud fights... This place seems to be inhabited by quite a few gun loving right wingers with a shoe fetish... Not my scene! Over and out... Ben
  2. How can you tell the quality of the shoes from a low resolution, wrong aspect ratio, shakily filmed YouTube video? I was going on the shape of the heels which looks very similar to the ones Italian Heels show on their site.
  3. That's crazy. Surely a pair of Rosa shoes is a pair of Rosa shoes. Imagine buying a secondhand car and going to a dealer who sells them and being told they won't sell you spare parts because you bought the car from a private seller. Rosa... Have you ever heard of a mystery thing called repeat business? It's what makes companies stay afloat. I have had the little screws holding the arms of glasses fall out a couple if times. On one occasion I went into a local opticians and they replaced the screw and gave my glasses a thorough cleaning and wouldn't accept a penny from me. There's a cycling shop in Brighton that has lots of tools tethered to a big sign saying 'free tool use' outside their shop. The tools are used by passers by and, surprise surprise, the shop thrives and has had a loyal base of customers for about 30 years. A friend of mine snapped a carbon seat post off his expensive bike. He went to the shop and the member of staff phoned the boss to get him to speak to my friend. The guys said they could remove the seat post but it would be expensive. They then told my friend how they would remove the post saying it's easy but takes a long time hence the charge. That piece of advice has probably made them thousands of pounds as my friend will one day go back and buy a new triathlon bike from them for around £2000.
  4. Not Romney! Romney quote: "My policy has always been not to discriminate based on race or anything else. Those are my fundamental core beliefs."
  5. Gina, I'm not so sure I get the meaning of your last post. What was it about? Did you have a bad experience with them?
  6. The aspect ratio is all cocked up in that video... making the heels look far higher than they really are and the woman look like a rake. The shoes are most likely to be by Italian Heels and are probably between 5 and 6 inches depending on the size of the shoes. The woman in the video probably never walks in or has the desire to wear such high heels.
  7. I only really can apply this to vintage shoes that are not the right size or are stupidly expensive. New shoes are easy as I am a size 7UK or EU 40. Anything too expensive can always be found later on eBay or from cheaper brands referencing the look.
  8. What a great post. Thanks. Designers are often the most amazingly accepting people. Rosa are not really designers. They seem to be a man with a shoe fetish and woman who likes shoes.
  9. Barney, I wasn't saying you were being racist. What I was saying is some casual racism (which is completely different) crept into you rational. It's somewhat similar to when people laugh at mistakes on menus in foreign restaurants. I feel sorry for the Chinese as a nation. They make almost everything for the rest of the world and invented some of the world's greatest things. Yet people often view them as greedy and trying to make a fast buck. I would hate to think of the mistakes I would make if I tried to setup a company selling shoes TO China and in Chinese sizes. I have received some of the worst service from UK companies. There was a programme on TV here in the UK about attitudes to Eastern European builders. The makers of the programme arranged for exactly the same work to be carried out on a few identical houses. Some of the British builders were liars and carried out dangerous work whereas all the Eastern European builders were delightful and did amazing work. Maybe, just maybe, you should have named the thread People Miss-sizing shoes? Cheers, Ben
  10. Not sure why you put Chinese in the title. Isn't it ever so slightly casually racist to only blame the Chinese for this problem?
  11. I think that the stacked natural coloured heel makes them. If they had back heels I'd find them a little too 'witchy'.
  12. Does it matter what an actress in a bad film said about some shoes?
  13. They definitely have a smaller footprint than 'normal' heels of the same height. I picked up a shoe in Selfridges and compared them to a similar height shoe, also from Giuseppe Zanotti. The difference was about an inch less footprint.
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