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  1. wow. this isn't as uncommon as I thought it was!
  2. I am in Fairbanks. It's awesome! None of the novelty has worn off yet. And Dr. Shoe, the furry thigh boot is amazing but I have yet to see one up here, unfortunately.
  3. Ouch! Sorry to hear that happened! Get well soon!
  4. I have settled into my dorm. I've been in Alaska for just over a week now. My roommate is nice. She is very kind and I enjoy talking to her. I realize I haven't been on in a while and figured I'd post this. The campus is pretty small, but I am guessing that in the winter it will seem larger because of having to trek through snow and ice. I am nervous about the 40 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit) that is normal in December/January. It's so beautiful here though! The mountains, the trees, the air is so clean... it's just amazing! The people here also tend to be very accepting and open minded. If you don't bother them about what they do they don't bother you about your actions. They are all very laid back seeming and seem to have the attitude that if you are confident enough to do it, they won't bug you about it. I was wondering, though, has anyone else had an experience where they fall in love with a new environment and think that they never want to leave it?
  5. selection three without the leggings... that's my vote as well. You have very nice legs and the dress is stunning. All of the shoes are nice and any would work but my favourite has to be the third pair pictured.
  6. Thank you AmandaSnake. And thank you everyone for the replies so far. I have discovered that I am buying a size or two too small when I buy heels. I have been buying (US size) 9 wide shoes. I am actually an 8 1/2 double wide. so i don't even know if i can get heels in my size now. Very upsetting. If I am wearing anything nice enough for dress shoes I want a heel. Heck, even if it's not fancy I want a heeled shoe. Because of the boosted confidence. I guess realizing that I don't have a pair that fits right now made me think about how good I feel emotionally when I wear heels.
  7. Has anyone else experienced the boosted confidence that I experience each time I wear heels? Usually I have very low self esteem, but when I wear heels I feel more confident and stand straighter and just feel better about myself. Without heels or in low heels I have a bit more trouble with talking to people I don't know and I am self conscious. I don't understand it. Why the boost in self confidence I wonder? Just thinking aloud here.
  8. Oooh, Red heels... nice! I want a pair of red heels, but when you're a size (US) 8 1/2 double wide they're hard to find.
  9. Interesting outlooks. I appreciate the honesty and openness in this thread. Exactly what I was looking for!
  10. I am pretty sure that some women have a heel fetish too. Just saying. I don't think that the girls shoes being eye catching is a fetish. I think that when heels become a sexual obsession then it becomes a fetish. For a woman or a man.
  11. not too long if you're not wearing nylons or tights. It usually happens pretty quick. they soften up and start flopping or they make blisters (always so much fun, blisters.) but the squishy feeling has to be my least favourite part of walking in the rain.
  12. I had a sociology teacher in high school who asked my class what the mental difference was between males and females. After listening to the class confirm that boys play with trucks and girls with dolls, boys are tough and girls are compassionate, and the like, I say, "Anatomy." The teacher said, "I said mental differences." I replied, "At birth there are none. They are a learned phenomenon." I believe this wholeheartedly. I believe that it is encouraging to see the government standing behind those who are "different" or who "walk a different path." Thank you for this post, Bubba. It really is nice to see.
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