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  1. Sure is a wonderful sound, sadly not often heard. I really enjoy my odd trips into London by tube where me metal tipped stilettos are the only ones heard with the sound echoing back of the tunnel walls. Even with tens of people around me as I walk along their footfall is muted unlike mine Must have been deafening in the tunnels back in the 60s when stiletto heels ruled.
  2. At the end of the day, anything that makes one stand out from the crowd is likely to be an issue for one's nearest and dearest. Her rules are completely understandable when viewed in that context. What saddens me is that despite the rules, draconian as may be perceived, they are the boundaries beyond which she will not go. Yet you are still intent on pushing them further. I know it isn't enough for you, and from my POV the social restrictions are complete BS, but that is the society in which live. Now I was a guy for many years, with the exact same passion as you. I have always wished I was born female for a multitude of reasons, but one of them for sure was my desire to wear skirts & heels. Over the years my struggle with the latter finally caused me to examine my true motives and so I find myself where I am these days. Now I no longer have to feel self-concious about wearing whatever I like, BUT and the big but is that the whole look has to work. Precious few can pull off the stiletto heel as a guy, it just looks wrong with the style of clothing. However, a cuban heel looks real good, and seriously stylish with a nice suit. Now if only they were more available like the now defunct YSL Johnny Boot (I no longer wear mine as they are simply too masculine to pull off) then the world would be a much better and fairer place. If you had a pair, I'm quit sure your wife would easily accept you wearing them. The end of this is that anyone who does practice deceit on their partner runs the risk that they will be caught and that will kill off any trust your partner has in you. Turn it around and ask yourself how you would feel if you found out she was doing things behind you back that you don't like her doing and you've asked her not to do them any more yet she still does, and you'll know what I mean. It's wonderful that you have some freedom, and honestly, far more than most other members around here have. SImone.
  3. Before acceptance must come tollerance, well for the question raised in the subject line (IMHO). The debate strayed a bit off the subject, but that is down to examples being raised that are similar but not relative. Once tollerance is gained, then slowly acceptance takes over as the subject in hand becomes more widely seen. It helps when the media highlights and explains correctly the reasons behind, aka education of the masses. An example of this was last year when a series of TV programmes was shown called My Transsexual Summer following several MtF and FtM transsexual folk, their stories and evolution. This series was very well done and educated a lot of people about people like me. It has been quite effective too as far as I am concerned, as those to whom I have spoken related to the TV programme and thus had a much beter understanding. The success of a transsexual to get by in the world at large really does depend on their presentation. Society has its idea of what a transvestite, aka bloke in a dress, looks like. Society isn't wrong either, so the transsexul must not conform to that stereotype, but try to look the part and not stand out. Society is more tollerant these days as long as what society sees does not push the envelope too far. Certain types of footwear and clothing is associated with certain types of women. When men do the same, then the view is usually much more hostile as they are seen as a threat to society. Mini-skirts and stiletto heels are typical and sadly will brand any man as wierd, even a pervert, and will make him a target for unwelcome attention/abuse and even physical violence. So my point is, careful selection of female items of clothing will work very well indeed, and if it works will not attract unwanted attention. Footwear is harder as the heel shape and shoe colour is difficult. You would easily, and from personal experience, wear a 3" cuban heeled shoe. Not easy to find and when you do they're expensive. However they work perfectly and there is no doubt that a cuban heel is masculine. e.g. the YSL Johnny Boot. I never felt comfortable being out in public wearing a pair of stiletto heeled plain black shoe-boots. I did it though, and relied upon the tollerant society that is London, but was never really relaxed whereas in a cuban heel I did not feel out of place at all. If only high cuban heels were readiy available for men. Now like many here I wanted to wear stiletto heels freely without the feelings mentioned above. In doing so this caused me to reassess myself, think back over my life, and why I had these desires. The result led me to where I am today. Free to do and wear as I please precisely because I took the ultimate step of shifting my presentation from Male to Female. Personally I really do take my hat off to JeffB because he is sticking true to the "Freestyler" ethos and its juxtaposition of male and female, which he now has down to perfection. But take a closer look at just how Jeff presents himself. Nothing in what he does or wears remotely suggests his underlying motives/desire are of a sexual or predatory nature.He does not present a threat to those around him. Whilst his style may bring a smile to all who see him, his appearance is tollerated. Yes well done Jeff you are an inspiraton to those who wish to do as you. It would be very remiss of me not to metion Kneehighs too. He likewise has this off to a fine art and has proved time and time again that, carefully chosen, female and male clothing can be mixed with great ease.
  4. Well seduce my ancient footwear. I get a mention :-) It has been quite a while since I poked around HHP, been a lot going on in my life. A good precis is on my profile. I woud love to come along at some point over the weekend, and renew aquantainces from that lovely meal at Morgan Ms. Incidentally I have used that restaurant several times since so whoever found it, thank you. I will keep track of this thread and see what turns up then I can make plans.
  5. Hi and welcome to HHP. I see you also posted your question in the repairs area. When you have made enough posts (read rules) you can post pics as attachments. We have a few "cobblers" as members who will happily provide you with advice and picture is worth a thousand words. So make a couple more posts and then attach pics of your problem. Join in the word association game thread and you will raise you post count quite quickly. As a heeler already I'm sure the rest of the community would like to know your story so to speak. My reaction is find another repair shop. Heels can be replaced and a craftsman will be able to do the job very easily indeed. Cheers for now. Simon.
  6. Directed to this page by Kneehighs. Interesting read, especially the comments that follow the article. Enjoy. http://www.refinery29.com/lenny-kravitz-heels.php Simon.
  7. So Jeff, when you going to follow KH and Mal's lead and get down to the night/singles clubs and see how things pan out? It would be really interesting to see if you have the same sort of reactions that they have experienced. Simon.
  8. Mal, Someday you may consider posting a few pics like KH has done in the past showing the outfit of the moment. May well help inspire others. I do have to agree with KH, you HAVE made your mark on the venue, and he is so right on the money with his analysis of your last evening. Enjoy being the "hot property", its a rare thing for a bloke to be. Quite honestly, and refering back to your earlier posts re the ex, you have discovered a new arsenal of tools to use in the social scene that work for you. What was originally a "thing" is nolonger that. Having read the exploits of you and others in freestyling, the best and most positive reactions seem to be only in the club setting. Elsewhere it is much harder going until you really start to understand the whole fashion thing as KH does. Simon
  9. Ron, I think that the time and place have a lot to do with the acceptance angle. Witness Mals report on Kriss where the subsequent date went south, yet she was fully aware of Mal's freestyling. In the right setting, with the right attitude, your going to have fun. Simon
  10. Mal, The juxtaposition of male and female is not going to be to many peoples taste. Nice that she was honest enough to give it a try. Lets face it no matter how you look at it, it is radical, and the lady was open enough to see if she could work with it. Shame it was not to be, but sounds like you are getting noticed, so get back to the club and do your thing there. If - sorry I mean WHEN you land another date, perhaps do the first one in guy mode as you have already demonstrated your freestyling then you can discuss same and let her suggest things. There is a world of difference in the club scene and just going out on a date. GL Simon.
  11. Demonia, Cant answer your poll as my preference is not shown. However, in general and remembering the 70's, I was OK with plats of 1/2 with a block heel back then. I tried thicker plats as they were quite the thing to wear back then, but didn't like them. Personally I prefer my shoes to be less platforms and a cuban heel of 3" is just right. 3" is enough height gain as any more doesn't really turn in height, just makes it progressively more difficult to move around. The Cuban or block heels give wonderful stability whist enjoying the high heel feeling and you don't have to watch where you walk for cracks and gratings. Simon.
  12. Quick research on Hardeep reveals he has a passion/fetish for womens shoes on women. I have extracted his article from the Sunday Observer 9th March 2009 for you to read. To me he is firmly in the camp of heels are for women alone. I am sure we can all empathise with his views on women and high heels though. Simon. .
  13. KH, Cool or what. The holy grail no less. I can't think of anyone I have met that would fit in in that institution better than you. Hope you land it. Simon.
  14. KH, Seems to me like she's interested despite her words concerning heels and models, but playing you along. Two can play that game and you do it so well Plenty more fish in the sea as you so ably demonstrate. I do so love reading yours and Mal's threads as you both demonstrate that the initial attraction is in the fact that you are fashion concious and thus have immediate common ground with the opposite sex. I guess this is why so many guys don't get what you are doing, but who is having more fun? Simon.
  15. To me the man sounded almost homophobic about the idea of heels for men. The woman demonstrated the openness that Kneehighs, Malinheels and others have written about in their threads. He clearly thinks that men should continue to be restricted in their approach to fashion using only hints of colour in an otherwise drab exterior of baggy ill-fitting clothes that somehow are deemed to be what we want to wear. He also expressed his opinion that mens legs should always be hidden. What tosh. Also he did engage his mouth before his brain in that he admitted to cross-dressing for professional reasons. His speech stumbled at first then his brain realised what he started to say and he had to finish the story much to his embarasment. He probably really enjoyed the experience, but seemed to be desperate not to show it. Simon.
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