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  1. Too bad! They looked good on you. They're a little bit of a squeeze for me too but I like em tight :-)
  2. Calvin Klein Laneige If it laces up and comes in smooth or patent leather, I must make it mine!!
  3. Returning to the group after several years away. It wasn't because of you all :-) Pictured here in Nine West Tatiana
  4. Yow! These are so hot (the Pigalles too)!
  5. Re: 'Fornili' style - you planning on keeping those?? I like them so much. Not my intention to sell them :-)

  6. You mentioned the 'Fornili' style - you planning on keeping those??

  7. Just got these high heel menswear-styled pumps/shooties/oxfords/whatever. The trend may be on the tail-end, but I'll be rocking them forever and ever. If anyone has a pair in 10, 10.5, or 11, that they want to get rid of, please let me know. I slipped these on at the office (yikes) and took a pic! 'Falge' by Aldo, and true to Aldo sizing, I'm squeezing into the "size 11". Not sure if I should return them or just be patient and stretch them out. Heelaphile
  8. Hey there! Re: the pic you commented on: the laces along the bottom are semi functional since they run up the back of the boot and can be used to tighten/loosen a little, but the top laces remain completely separate.

  9. This pair is the highlight of my latest grab. It has a 4.5" heel and a 1" platform. It looks a bit bondage fetishy, doesn't it? Anyway, it's such a hot pair. The leather is also extra supple, which is something I didn't expect. Style is 'Femina' by Mea Shadow. Obviously, the style may not appeal to some, but for those of you who like the look, please let me know! Heelaphile
  10. I could keep both, but I think I'd rather spend the money on a different pair(s)! But they're definitely nice and I wish I could keep both....
  11. Hey folks, I stopped heeling (and dressing) and hadn't visited the forum in a while. I'm back, with a few recent acquisitions! 1. eBay'ed this Via Spiga spectator oxford, 3 1/2" heel, 1/2" platform 2. Charles by Charles David Pompadour pump, 4" heel 3. Nine West Stepout pump, 4" heel 4. and 5. Cole Haan Air Swan oxford, 4" heel, 3/4" platform I can only keep one of the Cole Haan's ... black or 'pinot noir'??? They both have a nice polished leather look.
  12. Hello heelaphile, This is WhyNotMenToo, Love the pictures and your style, if you have Facebook I hope you will come and check out my profile and be a friend, I'm a straight transgender guy so no funny stuff from me but I have many friends both transexual, transgender,Crossdressers in my list of friends, look for Equality in Fashions or Lorraine Goetsch Happy feminine fashion

  13. the ones in my avatar? or a different pair

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