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  1. heelman500

    Trifling people???

    That guy is a complete and utter prat...... And to be honest if I were in the same situation as you and he had tried to split me up from my other half, I would be waiting to be bailed out now because he needs a swift kicking. However, ilikekicks is advocating the more sensible option and that is to treat him with the contempt he deserves. Treat him with kindness yep sure, but I would make sure that he always sees me in heels, just to wind it in a bit more. But just remember that he probably has such an issue because he is either in the closet and can't find the door or really wishes he had the balls to wear heels himself. Don't let it worry you ...... Remember "He who dares wears heels"
  2. heelman500

    One thing leads to another

    I started off with heels, and whilst I have dabbled with all sorts of feminine attire, I find that it is really just to compliment my heel wearing. I decided a while back that as my interest was purely in heels, then I would concentrate on my heeling rather than anything else. That said I do find that women's jeans are much better cut and suited to wearing heels if I am making a statement with my outfit
  3. heelman500

    Mild winter=short boot season.

    Tell me about it, I've just bought two pairs of calf high boots in the sale at Evans and the temperature is up in the high teens, and I,m back in my 3/4 jeans, and let me tell you that the boots do NOT go with 3/4's:mecry: unless you want to really blow the look. I did see some really nice leather strap wedges today, but they only had my wifes size, so she got some today and I went without:sad: I am after a pair of killer heels for the summer, but just trying to get a decent pair I like in my size..... They will do for the summer:smile:
  4. heelman500

    Do you want attention ?

    Absolutely, that's the whole point in wearing heels. At the end of the day when a woman goes out in a skyscraper pair of heels, it,s as much to make a statement and to be noticed as to also feel good. So I really enjoy wearing heels and that's as much how the shoes look as anything else, and yes I am quite discreet when out and about, but it is most certainly gratifying when I am noticed in heels. Bad comments are unwanted, but other than teens or gangs of youths sniggering the majority of people are only positive in their comments, especially the men. So yes I do like to be noticed and hopefully make a positive impression of men wearing heels.
  5. Hi easy tiger, I do quite a lot of my heel shopping in Preston and have frequently tried heels on...... Whilst in my work uniform. It's not the best place for me to be out and about in heels as a lot of my work colleagues also have their breaks in Preston. I live in Barrow which is only a short trip away from you, will have to arrange a shopping expedition at some point.... I really like Manchester as you can blending with the crowds more Look forward to hearing from you

  6. heelman500

    And now for something different

    I saw something similar at York races a few years back, two twenty something women wearing almost identical dresses one bright blue the other fire engine red. They both had identical shoes, one a pair of blue stilettos with those ribbon ankle ties that goe half way up your calf and the other red and they were wearing one blue, one red. It was absolutely amazing, and quite obvious that they had chosen to wear them like that. They were definitely getting quite a few looks.... And I have to say that I think it worked quite well
  7. Myself and a fellow Heeler are meeting up on Oxford Street, (Oxford Circus tube) on Friday 6th May at 6.30pm for coffee, a pleasant stroll (In heels) and browse of the various shoe shops as well as time for observing all the fantastic heels walking by! Anyone who is available and wishes to meet us is more than welcome, the last couple of meetings have been really good and we have had no problems wearing heels up in town:smile: (If you don't feel brave enough wearing heels out, still come and meet up for a chat and a bit of shoe shopping!)
  8. heelman500

    Shoe shopping failure

    You have just got to go for it and buy those shoes, admittedly I would not have been overly happy trying on in front of all those staff, but you just have to front it up and remember you are the customer. If they dont see you trying on most staff will assume they are a gift, and even if they do see you trying on they will think its for a fancy dress do (Unless like me they know you buy lots of heels- my local New look the manager of the shoe sectikn puts aside size 9 heels on sale now until she sees me! ) I would urge you just to go for it, it really does get easier
  9. heelman500

    Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    A trio of my fave freestyle photos
  10. heelman500

    Hi all!

    Welcome to the forum, look forward to reading your posts, there is nothing better than a nice pair of high heels
  11. heelman500


    welcome to the site, I look forward to reading of your explits in heels
  12. heelman500

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the site, hope that you will like it on here, I think that you have come to the right place, as for ballet heels you are doing well, I can manage 5 inch pumps, but to be honest I think I would really struggle in ballet heels, do you ever go out in them (During the Summer?) Once again welcome
  13. heelman500

    Last minute London meet

    Looks like this outing has been postponed... I shall let you know when the next one is
  14. heelman500

    Last minute London meet

    I shall be meeting a fellow heeler in London this Sunday (20th March) on Oxford Street if anyone would care to join us. Up to you if you want to wear heels or not, we are planning to meet mid afternoon for a coffee and a chat,followed by some shoe shopping(Shops close at 6pm on Sunday) and a bite to eat. Feel free to join us for any part of the activities, I am awaiting a time and meeting point from him and will post as soon as I have it.

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