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  1. Very nice Larry! Love the diamonte heel
  2. Now that's the sort of stuff high heeled dreams are made of lol
  3. Very nice! Love the colour - I've just bought a bright pink pair myself Thanks Daniel The heel is very thin and I was a bit nervous taking the first few steps but it's very strong - wobbles a little but not as much as I feel unsafe!
  4. Lol! Does anyone remember the advert with a guy trying to stop a truck filled with cola falling off a cliff? (from memory - prolly on tube-of-you) 'What's in it? 20,000 cans of cola. Pepsi-cola? Come to think of it.... No.. Crash'
  5. I bought these from Miss Selfridge - along with the grey heels in my previous post (hence the same leggings as I got them in the same order lol). They are called 'Cher Black Studded Metal Heel' and are the first metal heeled shoes/boots I own, other than Pleaser Scream styles - but you try walking in those! Hope you like - I do
  6. Congrats hunny good to hear they are a good fit! No need for reselling then lol. Defo investing in a couple or three pairs in the very near future! Would you say they are a 'big' 45 or on the smaller side? As I hover around EU41/42. Thanks and enjoy the shoes! Pics would be good too
  7. Have you tried pennangalan? They have knee high and thigh high latex boots for sale. I've got a pair of thigh highs and the quality is pretty good, although for me the heel could be higher! http://www.pennangalan.co.uk/index.php?br=Rubber
  8. I've bought quite a few pairs of shoes over the past few weeks and I'll be posting pics of them all over the next couple of weeks - not wishing to spam this thread with all my purchases at once lol. Might even start a gallery I only received these today but I'm posting shots of them first as there is one pair left in the sale at Miss Selfridge in a UK8 - some of you guys might be interested. They cost £30 (reduced from £58 ) and are called 'Slinky Grey Chain Detail Heel'. I love 'em - great heel height with a small platform. They do run a tad small though - my toes feel a little squashed writing this lol. Hope you like!
  9. Ahh no worrries - any info you can give on sizing (and customer service/delivery) would be appreciated as I will be making a couple of purchases myself in the next few months
  10. Wowzers interesting footwear! Still remember her playing Sarah in Labyrinth lol
  11. +1 to that! Where did you get the shoes from? They're gorgeous
  12. Love em! Not keen on the soles though but the shoes are gorgeous! The last pair are different but the more I look at them the more I like 'em You did go a bit mad buying four pairs at once lol - shoe addiction per chance? I've just bought a couple of pairs myself this afternoon - told myself that was it for a while (got another two pairs coming from Miss Selfridge tomorrow lol). But now you've shown me that e-bay store I'm tempted! Damn you! Lol And welcome again P.S. - You've ordered size 42 - when they arrive can you let me/us know how the sizing is and whether they run small. Thanks!
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