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  1. That would be cool, I'll try to sort something out. When are best times?
  2. I'm quite busy this summer but maybe Autumn? Suggestions, London, Coventry, Bristol. Coventry is big and central. Lots of shops. Have cleared some PMs now so they should work
  3. Hi Tom, nice to see you are still here I haven't been doing so much of the heels in recent years... getting older! But still do when the fancy takes me.
  4. Thanks people Yes, I wouldn't say legend But was one of the two founding members at hhplace when it was hosted back in the NL and I was also on the smaller boardhost set up even before that, dating back I think to 1998 or thereabouts
  5. Ads here are text or low bandwith pics not streaming vids. A decent ad blocker should allow you to unblock certain sites so that may be a solution
  6. I went to Torture Garden in London a few years back, I think after the 2008 heel meet. It wasn't bad. I like dance/trance music so that bit was OK. I wasn't really in tune with all the other stuff going on, but it was interesting to say the least. Probably most clubs you can wear heels if you want, but I guess you have to check out in advance what the dress codes are because some of them are pretty snotty. At Torture Garden you HAVE to wear heels or some kind of off beat outfit or they won't let you in! They accept any "uniforms" so I'd probably do that if I ever went again + heels of cou
  7. Ads don't bother me. Why should they? They are discreet and focussed. You either have ads or pay membership. How can forums exist otherwise? There's no such thing as a free lunch. Even if you are on a free host you will have ads served by the host. If you have an ad blocker, switch it off. It is like going into a bar and eating all the free nibbles every day but never buying a drink.
  8. Yes have done this a few times although she didn't really approve. She thought they would hurt my feet.
  9. London isn't bad. Lots of shops, lots to do; good communications. Or Birmingham or Leicester or Northampton. Somewhere fairly central. (By the way, I was never into organising special venues etc, too much like hard work! Just meet in a pub eg The Tottenham on the North West side of Tottenham Court Road/Oxford Street Junction next to Tottenham Court Road Tube... then check out the shops... have meal etc London is good because people are used to seeing alternative fashions. Never a problem there) Dr Shoe... where you living now ?
  10. I think F Private and Simon Stayed at a hotel. Tara and Si at Davina's. I stayed at Davina's but in my motorhome in the car park. Cas lives nearby in Britsol so he stayed there. A load of others stayed in Motorhomes or may have lived nearby. I think we all wore heels everywhere - the people who came tend to do that anyway, but like HF says it's not compulsory.
  11. Yes this was I think the best one ever for variety of things we did although the others all had their moments as well. Met up with HF on Fri afternoon for cofee and drinks in my motorhome. In the evening we went for a meal at River City and listened to the groans of the England fans in the background. Saturday was Buffet lunch at the Marina (Davinas Place) followed by a boat trip up the river Avon, and then a BBQ back at Davina's place. Thanks to Davina for organising all this and she let me stay in the Marina Carpark with my Van. Following on from BBQ we sat down and had drinks. Sunday, we
  12. Yes I should be coming down for three days. Hope to see you all there!
  13. Thanks for organising this everyone! I'm coming down to Bristol in my Motorhome and staying at the Marina so hope to see some of you there!
  14. Definitely come along Toffee. I'll be there! You don't even need to wear heels it's just like a bunch of guys having a chat over a few drinks about anything and everything.
  15. How do I turn off track backs? Thanks Rob

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