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  1. WOW! Love the metal heels! Not out in public I'm afraid, not yet anyway.
  2. Thanks CAT! Heels, miniskirt and fishnets never go out of fashion!
  3. Hi all, I would also like to join this contest wearing my only pair of heels, Pleaser Seduce 420. Thanks! LB
  4. I am using the app Osnap! on my iPad which you can set up to take photos at certain intervals (timer), it keeps taking photos until you stop it. I spend the most time setting up the device up, so it doesn't fall over, and also choosing a nice space where some posing can happen. After that it's all about Photoshop.
  5. Loverboot

    Hello from Slovakia

    Thank you all for comments, I will post more soon with a little more backstory! Bionicci, I don't think I will ever part with them
  6. They are posting regularly in YT. Awesome boots but shame about not having large sizes.
  7. Hi All, Well, of course I'm a boot lover as my username suggests. I've been drawn to them since I was in my teens but started buying and wearing about 6-7 years ago. It has also drawn out my feminine side but that's another story. I have attached some pics of my boots. I joined the forum a couple of months ago, but I just got around to introducing myself and being a part of this wonderful community. Thanks!

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