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Status Updates posted by jeremy1986

  1. Welcome back!

  2. "Hobbies: Walking" - loved it ;-) 

  3. Hi!  Just wanted to say I really like those wedges you have in your avatar!

  4. Hi!

    Hope all's well... long time no speak!

    1. Peter1


      Thanks for your message Jeremy everything is well and you ?!

    2. jeremy1986


      yea, not too bad. just PM'd!

  5. Hi! I saw on the other forum that you got back - hope the conference went well.

    Keep us posted on what you wore and what happened as a result!

    1. Tacchi Alti

      Tacchi Alti

      I've posted it in the general thread. Quick answer: I wore the block heels and nothing happened.

  6. Love the wedges in your icon :cheeky:

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