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  1. I like both @Mr. X but particularly the ankle boots. Enjoy!
  2. Oh no. sorry to hear ... Hope you have recovered... Leg and soul
  3. I for one, love this style. There is something very appealing to me about a wedge heel in stiletto style!
  4. How disappointing. You, on the other hand, look great.
  5. Love the wedges, they look like a perfect fit.
  6. Thanks 😊 Will try got to that soon. That is after all the fun part! I realize now that the snaps from above certainly are not the most attractive angle to take of heels...
  7. Thank you. I'm surprised myself. Been working on it, for around 5-6 years, but very slowly. Its nothing compared to many other folks here ....
  8. I still have a bunch of updates to write here one day soon but for now - small update - I inventoried my heels today first time in a loooong time. Surprised myself with 39 pairs!!!! Also took the opportunity to clean them up a little, as well as the area i store them under my bed - and to snap some pics of them (individually and group shots!). We might be redoing our bedroom furniture, am not sure what kind of storage i will have after that happens... So here is the summary: 11 tall boots: 3 otk, + 8 knee high (2 of which are just up onto the knee) 3 flat, 2 wedge, 5 stiletto, 1 block heeled 6 ankle boots 5 pumps 7 sandals: 2 block heels and 5 stiletto 9 wedges 1 flat 🤣 (inherited from the wife) In my pics here i have some additional pairs - some of those are borrowed from the wife. here are the group shots, if anyone want close up of a particular pair, lets me know. Tall boots: Ankle boots: Pumps: Sandals: Wedges:
  9. Wedges I bought from Asos a few years ago. They are so comfy! 5.5" heel, and 1.5" platform, which makes for a stable and comfy walk.
  10. Cute story! Sounds like a dangerous industry to be distracted in!!!
  11. So i'm an infant in your terms... I have 2 identical stiletto pumps - one black, the other a cream/nude color. Hardly a binge
  12. Sounds like a dream indeed, compared to what most of us are seeing these days, when sloppy flats are more common than sliced bread ... 🙄
  13. Nice! Enjoy them. perfect for an outdoor summer wedding
  14. Well done mate, on stretching your comfort zone. Did you feel ok with the attention?
  15. Liking that look!!
  16. yup... pity indeed. She was quite the motivated writer ....
  17. Good to know 😉 And I agree... Heels want to be noticed whether on men or women...
  18. Quite funky. I saw a similar pair on asos today. Still a little 'fringy' for men , i think... but still great to see.
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