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  1. ShoeDre, that skirt looks great combined with those heels.
  2. i get to Syd often, only living 4hours drive away but no plans of being there in the near future, i'll be sure to post up here when i'm planning to be in syd next.
  3. Malinheels, sorry on the late reply. i would love to meetup next time i'm down, expecting to be down in a few months. it all depends on the time, my friend i stay with gets holidays. glad to read in your melb heel meet post that you had a great day out in your skirt & heels, aswell meeting a lovely lady in the club in altona. when i was a child i lived in footscray. i have mainly worn just heels or boots under my jeans in sydney, & gone for pedicures. have not done so yet in melb. i did go out once fully dressed with my wife one night for my birthday to the taxi club in darlinghurst, it wasnt really to enjoyable as when my wife went to get drinks, i was swooped on by some guys there, that tried picking me up. they were like blowflies. i did get 1 complement from a worker there on my skirt, that was a good feeling.
  4. hi there...thats great to hear you wear your slings out and about. do you have any problems with the straps slipping? do you like that? i love to see women losing their straps and to me it feels so good that mine slips too!

  5. hello from australia.... :-)

  6. wollongong hey, i'm just south of batemans bay, best success on the move.. i know what u mean on walking longer distances.. i can go all day around the house, in my heels. but when i did finally go out on the street in sydney, i was buggered after walking my first couple hundred meters. that has made me grow to admire ladies a lot more because of the endurance factor. especially the girls like yourself who are prepared to be permenant in heels. i wish u all the success in getting yourself there. well done! i wish i could be able to wear my heels anywhere, but it isnt easy in some areas. keep up the great work, polymorph.

  7. well, i work in sydney, but i live in wollongong right now. I'll be moving into sydney at the end of the month though, if everything goes well :3 it's been pretty tricky to adjust to 24/7 in high heels... i've found i'm now taking a taxi to work instead of walking from the train station - i just can't walk that far yet >_

  8. yes agreed Histiletto, first time i walked into shoecraft i thought they were too expensive. the internet & other stores in the same area are somewhat cheaper.
  9. loved reading your stories. yes i would like to know were u dressed en femme or do you wear your heels under jeans like i mostly do.
  10. hi mate.. nice to read your story of clomping around in your slingbacks. i have often worn my slingback sandals walking around in sydney & getting pedicures while wearing them.

  11. i would be keen to have a heel meetup.. but i only get down there about 2-3times a year. will let u guys know when i will be down next.. i am hoping to get down in late march or april, if my holidays get approved.
  12. i like your blue heels, i got a similar pair from target in leopard print.. sorry i dont know how to post a picture of them here.
  13. Heelguy, i remember when i lived in melbourne there was in chapel st prahran a store called "Its My World" they solely cater to us males that love to dress.
  14. Thanks. are u from sydney? i'm about 3hours south, & go upto sydney often & wear my heels out when there. i cant do it here where i live. too small of a town, everybody knows everyone. i love getting pedicures & wearing stiletto sandals when getting them.

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