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  1. What a lovely pair of office heels. How high are the heels and platforms?
  2. My pumps have 22cm heels and 4cm platform in front, making them a 18cm arched heels.
  3. Yeah, she surely needed the extra ankle support that boots give compared to, for example, pumps. Still she did have a massive task to walk in the boots during the night.
  4. I'm very sure that her boots were from Fuss.de
  5. With as small feet as she had it's not possible to walk fluently in 15 cm heels. But with bigger feet it can be done with some practice, I have size 41 and are able to walk fairly fluent in 15 cm heels without platforms.
  6. This woman didn't have platform on her boots. So her movement in her boots was definitely not fluent. I'm still quite impressed that she actually somehow did make it through the night in her 15cm heels.
  7. She were indeed bold that went through with wearing such high heels on a night out...
  8. That's for sure that with heels like these I do have to walk very carefully, since as you say, even the smallest unevenness under the soles gives ny ankles a huuuuge task to compensate my balance. There is no margin for errors when I'm in those shoes.
  9. My pumps are från Aliexpress, and I was very surprised that they actually are in good quality. However in order to be wear them fairly ok I do need the crossed anklestraps to keep the pumps firmly in place on my feet. Otherwise they are nearly impossible to walk on since the platform don't allow the pumps to flex with the result that my feet will easily loose grip in the heelcaps. Since the platform is fairly high, 4cm, in combination of an extreme arch, 18cm, my second issue is that they are very hard do balance sideways. And also due to the 18 cm arch it's for sure very hard not to place too much weight on the thin stilettoes. All in all, I love mine, but they aren't easy to wear, absolutely not a pair for long party nights.
  10. A couple of years ago I was invited to a party held by a friend of mine at her house. Of the approximately 20 guests I knew about 5. Due to some reasons I arrived as the last guest. When I entered the house I noticed a pair of black leather boots leaning against the wall. They had stilettoheels that was at least 14 cm high. Directly I tried to guess wich of the guests that might be the owner of those sexy boots, none of the female guests had any heels over 3cm in height, so I found no obvious candidate. During the evening I passed the boots and could see that whoever owned them had small feet since the bootshafts stated that they were a size EUR 36. That made my guesses a little more easy since there were three women who had remarkable smaller feet than the other women. All three did have flats as indoor shoes. After a couple of hours it was time to head out to a bar, so taxis was called to all guests. Number of people decreased as the taxis left, but the boots were still standing without wearer. When the second last taxi came the hostess announced that she and two other would take the last taxi. That meant that I and a woman much younger than me was going to take that taxi. She kicked off her ballerinas and pulled on those sexy boots. Directly when she started to walk to the taxi I could tell that she was not an experienced heelwearer. During the ride she said to me that she was a little worried about how she would manage her boots. I told her to give her feet as much rest as possible, then she would be fine. When we arrived to the bar we got separated shortly. During the evening/night I saw her teetering/wobblying around quite a lot in despite very high stilettoheeled boots. As the hours went, her teetering became slower and slower until she actually started to limp. Suddenly I saw her sit at the bar, taking some drinks, resting her tired feet. I approached her and ask if she was fine, and she said she was fine. I also asked how her feet were since she was worried in the taxi. She said that her feet was not that bad. I left her at the bar in order to go to the ladies room. When i was on my way back to the bar I saw her slowly slide down from the barstool, and as soon as her feet started to take up her weight, I saw in her face that she were in pain. She slowly started to walk towards the exit, she were barely able to keep balance without support. She somehow managed to exit the bar and make it halfway to the taxis, then she had to sit down an rest. I then approached her again and asked I we could share a taxi, we were going in the same direction, so she accepted. Then she said that se did not know how she would be able to walk to the taxi in her boots since her ankles were too tired to balance her 15cm heels. I said that I would support her. With some effort I got her into a taxi and during the ride she told me that she have never been wearing heels this high before and that she only did it to look good. I helped her to her flat and I also helped her take her killer boots off.
  11. Thank you for your helpfully comments

  12. Indeed a very sexy pair of heels...and from personal experiance they are a real challenge to walk in. They do require lots of practice before they can be walked in without having to use any supportive devices. And then one have to be very focused on how and where to place the feet when wearing them without supporting devices.
  13. Sadly there have remarkable decrease in heelwearing during the last years. A woman in any kind of heels whatsoever is a very rare sighting nowdays, even during party nights many women wear flats. If someone do wear heels, their heels is at the highest 3 inches...and the wearer find them skyhigh and keeps complaining that she cant walk much due to her heels. As a high heel wearer I find this downgoing trend very sad. There arent many things that can lift an outfit as a pair of decent, 4 inch and upp, heels can do.
  14. Jenny's website is nothing I know about...so Im not the same Michaela.
  15. There is nothing that is impossible with heels on. I think its just degree on how hard things is do do wearing heels.