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  1. I totally agree, damaged heels looks so bad. That's why I often wear steel stilettos....With those it's not the end of the world if my heels sinks a little in soft ground.
  2. I try to choose the appropriate heels whenever possible, If I know I'll have to walk on soft ground I choose wedges or chunky heels. But if im in stiletto heels and face the fact that I must walk/stand on soft ground I always try to prevent my heels from sinking into the ground no matter if I'm in new or worn heels.
  3. What I have heard they are a little wobbly sine they have such a high platform, otherwise they seems to be in good quality and are durable. You seem to have no problems wearing heels higher than 4 inch, so i figure you should be able to wear 1020 faily easy when you have gotten used to the high platform.
  4. Picture of the whole boot. Had to tuck my jeans in them to get a decent picture.
  5. With time I believe that they will be achievable. As you can se in the picture they aren't that tight around my calves, but my feet fits perfectly tight.
  6. I will try to get a photo of the whole boot. Yeah I also like the silver heels, they also make such a great sound when I'm, (at least trying), walking on asphalt. When I had them out last time, a friend told me that the silvery heels in a certain light and angles seemed to disappear...so it actually looked like the black parts of my heels just ended in mid air.
  7. Heels are indeed 7 inch high. So they are no easy heels to walk on. Bought them from an aliexpress store, so I can't say any brand.
  8. Thanks. Indeed they don't have to be practical since they are looking so great and sexy. I figure that I will probably not get 100% used to them, but after a few times out in them feel that I should get enough used to them so I can wear them out without too much struggle.
  9. Hi, What do you girls say about my latest pair of stiletto boots? Personally I just love them. They still make me struggle a little to get around, but I do manage them enough to wear them out if I don't have to walk around much. Kisses /M
  10. These are my newest boots. Eventho they are very high and not the easiest pair to walk on I really love to wear them
  11. What a lovely pair of office heels. How high are the heels and platforms?
  12. My pumps have 22cm heels and 4cm platform in front, making them a 18cm arched heels.
  13. Yeah, she surely needed the extra ankle support that boots give compared to, for example, pumps. Still she did have a massive task to walk in the boots during the night.
  14. I'm very sure that her boots were from Fuss.de
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