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  1. For the office I also usually wear 4 inch heels, but on some rare occasions I can put my favorite 6 inch platform heels))
  2. 6 inch beauties from GML, despite the height they are incredibly comfy))
  3. As far as I know her favorite are Christian Louboutin and Gianvito Rossi, they are for sure should be custom made. I always get inspired from her outfits))
  4. I just received these beauties from avheels, I'm in loooove with this hot red color! Despite 6 inch height they are incredibly comfy! Can't wait to show them to everybody!)))))
  5. I'm huge fan of Giuseppe Zanotti wedge sneakers, he makes amazing models, my advise is zannoti, if you want long lasting comfort.
  6. I bought these brown booties 2 days ago from Sergio Rossi for every day, although the heel is not high as I used to... I call these my running heels))
  7. I just love pre-black friday deals! ordered a couple pairs of some gorgeous boots for a good price at avheels, I can't wait to get them! I'm soooooo exited
  8. This season is my favorite for shoe shopping, I already bought 3 pairs and I want to buy more)) these lovely avheels arrived just yesterday! so happy to get them with customer discount!))
  9. My new purchase are Casadei 5" short boots, it's love from the first sight)))))
  10. I'd never even heard of AV Heels until seeing your post. Their shoes are gorgeous! How are you finding them? Good quality, comfort? They're not outrageous for really nice stilettos. They are very comfortable and well priced for the quality. My friend recommended them and I was actually really surprised, I think they might be a new brand but I defiantly like their design and fit. So many colors, Ive been thinking about getting another pair soon.))
  11. I can walk without any problem in 5 inch heels, but if it's higher I defiantly need a platform...
  12. They are definitely too high, but I feel like buying them! Higher heels - closer to heaven)))))
  13. I can recommend you some 4 or 6 inches AV heels, mine came in the other day and feel really good so far. But anyway you should consider leather for comfort, especially when you are buying 5"-6" and higher heels...:)
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