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  1. Hi Dancer Girl,

    I answered your question about being stuck in high heels. I am moderately stuck in high heels, but it sounds as if you may have a serious condition. I then saw a post about you have to take pain pills at times to get through your day in high heels. I just want you to know that I do feel very sorry for you - it sounds as if you love your heels but they are "turning on you". I'd hate to hear you tore your Achilles tendon by accidentally loosing your balance without shoes on and landing on your heel, thus rupturing the tendon. I do hope you get this checked out by a doctor to see what the problem is. With any luck you may be able to correct the problem and still wear your heels. The best of both worlds :fine:.

    By the way, I read your post about shopping for 8 hours in ballet heels. Wow, how did you pull that off? I would be on the floor and definitely reaching for the aspirin bottle within the first 20 minutes (lol). Good for you though, if that's what you like, then enjoy! Have a good day, Carol

  2. Anyone here have an issue with walking without heels? Over the years I have become more and more dependent on heels and currently my heels are close to 2" off the ground. I have tried going back to wearing lower heels to re-stretch my tendons but to no avail. Find that as I age I need to do more exercise and without being able to wear runners I am limited to some yoga at home and swimming. I have recently found a trampoline park that allows me in barefeet but that is 30 minutes away. Have tried over the past several months but does not seem any better. Any ideas?
  3. spent Saturday shopping in ballet shoes for about 8 hours and over 20000 steps. A couple of pain killers and two glasses of wine to help
  4. maybe my age is showing but anything really over a 15cm heel and it gets too high for me. Once upon a time I would say there was no thing as too high
  5. Forced seems a harsh word but I have been locked in ballet boots for an entire weekend away with my husband while the key was at home 350 miles away
  6. Spent the weekend in NY shopping. Brought a pair and on Saturday walked for about 8 hours and over 20000 steps in them. Two Tylenols and couple glasses of wine by evening. My toes felt like they had been beat but by Sunday morning seemed ok
  7. Used to be no higher than a 4" heel but several times in the past year or two I have come into the office in 5" heels.
  8. My everyday office attire would include a 4 or 4.5" heel. The odd day a classic 5" heel but nothing too thin as my overall office is fairly conservative. I am just a shade over 5.6" so this still leaves me at an eye to eye level with most of my male colleagues and clients.
  9. Being an accountant I have to look professional so a good 4" heel is more than ok. A 4.5" with a dress or skirt can pass but usually nothing more.
  10. I am 5.7' without heels (long since I could see that). With my normal shoes I am either 5>11 or 6' My husband is 511" and quite often I am taller than him. First he was no happy with that but I know when I am in my 6 inch heels he finds it hot.
  11. Yes Aspirin is my friend. Not really for my feet but often for cramps i get in my soles and my calves. Sometimes so painful that I almost wince in pain. A couple of aspirin or tylenol does help
  12. Dont dance as often as I once did but my hubby and I went to Las Vegas and did some night clubs and danced 4-5 hours in my 5 inch heels.
  13. Find during the warmer months my feet swell after a few hours and dangling is not good as once they come off they are much harder to get back on. If I am working 8-10 hours I try to keep them on unless Ihave to change to boots during the winter to get home.
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