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  1. HeelAddictBe

    Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Very interesting topic ! I am a high heel addict from Belgium, but never had the guts to wear them at home in front of my girlfirend. The problem is she know i have a high heel fetish, but she does not like to wear them. Als i ask her to wear some bedheels when we have sex, but now she says the heels are more important than her and the sex stopped .... So how to convince her they are not more important than her ? And how to make her see i need the heels .... Kind regards, Christophe
  2. HeelAddictBe

    Hello from Belgium

    Belgium here too
  3. HeelAddictBe


    lucky you ! Picture ?
  4. HeelAddictBe


    interesting exercises
  5. HeelAddictBe

    Girl in extrem heels 24/7

    We can only hope to find someone addicted like we are
  6. HeelAddictBe

    Super Arch

    Wow, dream heels !
  7. HeelAddictBe

    Newbie Linda

    Welcome Linda ! You look amazing and those heels are a dream ! Greetings, Christoph
  8. HeelAddictBe

    Girl in extrem heels 24/7

    Hello everyone Big high heel fetishist from Belgium here and have been looking for a woman to share my passion/addiciton. Would be great to find someone and hopefully she would wear 5/6" heels 24/7 for me. That would make my dream come true ... Greetings, Christoph
  9. HeelAddictBe

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Thank you Steve !
  10. HeelAddictBe

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Thanks for the tip, i will buy some 4 inch heels.
  11. HeelAddictBe

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Hi everyone, I am new here and have been addicted to heels for a very long time. Never had the guts to buy some in my size. Well, now i have ! And they arrived today ! Wearing them now : Picture here : http://users.telenet...els/myheels.png They are 5,5 inch, so i can hardly stand in them, let alone walk in those .... If anyone has some tips for me .... Thanks a million ! Greetz, Christoph
  12. HeelAddictBe

    Hi From Belgium

    Thanks Bubba, That would be fantastic yes. Greetings, Christoph
  13. HeelAddictBe

    Hi From Belgium

    Hello everyone Great to have finally registered here ! I am really addicted to heels, especially stiletto pumps. And the higher the better. Greetz to all !

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