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  1. The last two months have seen me evolving from a closet heeler to wearing them in public, thanks to a line of wedges and block heels I found at Buffalo's. My favorite boots have a 14 cm (5.6") block heel with a 3 cm (2.2") platform. They're very comfortable, even for long walks. Only extremely uneven ground is a problem. And well, nobody's even given a look at them... I plan on wearing them all the time except to work (not yet!). Even after such a short time it's come to the point that heels feel more comfortable than flats... well part of it may be psychological No idea where this is going to lead, probably not to stiletto heels in public. Freestyle75, I absolutely love your style, especially the Costume National boots!
  2. Hallo Jens! Kannst du mir den Blog von Aoife aus Irland zukommen lassen? Du meintest du hättest das. Ich würde es sehr gerne lesen

  3. Wow! Jens! are these your shoes in your avatar? if so.. wow, way to go!

  4. Hallo Reporter! Kann ich gern machen, ich brauche dann allerdings bitte Deine Email-Adresse, denn hier im Forum kann ich keine Attachments schicken. Ich bin mal gespannt auf Deine Meinung. Mich fasziniert der Blog bis heute. Viele Grüße, Jens

  5. Hallo! Du hast im Forum geschrieben, dass Du den Blog von Aoife gespeichert hast. Würdest Du ihn mir mailen? Ich habe den Blog auch mal eine zeitlang gelesen, habe aber den Link nicht mehr und auch nichts gespeichert. Danke Dir!

  6. AMAZING boots...I hope to be man enough to handle a similar pair someday....Don

  7. Jens, those boots in your avatar are amazing! Where did you find them? I would love a pair like yours!

    1. pebblesf


      Hey buddy, you look great in your boots and jeans...I work in Boston, live in providence, would be cool to meet up sometime...Don

    2. jones4725


      Thanks! I'm in MD so a little far away from Boston, but if I'm that way I'll let you know!

  8. These ballet slippers are a sculpture and an artistic statement. Can anybody imagine to walk more than two steps in them? The same is true for the shoes he made for David Lynch in 2007, they're just for looking at. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion, especially as the money gained by auctioning the new slippers goes to the English National Ballet.
  9. You're right Richy, Persephone is the ultimate test person... If she cannot wear them, nobody can! I have some doubts about their practicability mainly because the sole is too straight. A little curve would help the heel to settle in comfortably. Well, we'll see...
  10. I love the boots in your avatar!

  11. Celeste, how was the outcome of your experiment? You certainly cannot still be in ballet boots?! Since April 4th... that would be three weeks. Was it very painful? How did people react? How did your feet feel when you tried to adapt them to lower heels once again? Would you consider doing it again? I'm very curious on everything concerning ballet heels. It's been a dream of mine for very long to see ballet boots as daily footwear - some would say, a very male fantasy... However, women like you and a very few others prove that it's possible, if difficult. You have all my admiration.
  12. If I counted right you're now well into your second week of nothing but ballet boots. This is something very few of us could achieve, congratulations! I hope you'll be able to finish the week... but if the pain is too bad, by all means stop, or you'll damage your feet! It seems you're planning to wear ultra high heels as everyday footwear, glad to hear it.
  13. Wow, you've really managed it for five days! That's a great achievement... my suggestions would be knee high because spring has come and it's rather warm now. Are you going to work in ballet boots?
  14. I gather from your previous posts that you have gained quite some ability in ballet boots. I would propose you to keep them on for one whole week, except for bathing, even in bed. When the pain gets too bad switch to your other pair. After this time, you decide whether to continue or not. Don't know whether you can take so long?
  15. Jens

    7+" heels

    These are among the most amazing boots I've ever seen! Congratulations, Luckyme! I especially love the elegant shape of the heel (very thin!), and the leather covered platform with the profile on the underside.
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