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  1. Only just seen the thread, so appreciate its over a month late but for future reference, just stuff them with newspaper and leave over night. When drying out my walking boots etc, I also leave them on a medium warm radiator too. Take the paper out the next day and replace if the paper is sodden. If not, I just leave them on the radiator for the rest of the day to finally dry out the remaining moisture. Of course leather heels etc are a little more delicate but similar principles apply; draw as much water out as possible into an absorbent material and air in warm dry conditions to drive off the remaining moisture but not too hard / fast so that you end up leaving a tide line of salts etc.
  2. Hmm, indeed, however they are Giaro Slick by Giaro, seemingly only available on ebay, see here for link; http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/golden6_de/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25&rt=nc&_dmd=2 From memory, they were available in black, white, blue, red and bronze, however doesn't look like any left whilst browsing on the tablet although recent desk top browse suggests that there were some sizes still available. Enjoy
  3. hmm, bought a pair for my girlfriend but couldn't get a pair for myself, lost 2 eBay sales from schuh's eBay shop (as it happened it was the same pair that had been returned and re-listed) anyway, girlfriend loves them; have a high in-step let alone the platform; definitely worth hunting down re-sales.
  4. All Whether you like the shoes or not, I suggest it's worth looking up Zaha Hadid, the Stirling Prize winning Architect that designed the concept of the shoes; suggest you look up Evelyn Grace Academy or the Glasgow Transport Museum, a truely wonderful architect of our generation. R
  5. Ah, so it does..........but indeed all searches seem to go back to the ebay page. cheers anyway R
  6. All Well, who'd have thoughts they's garner such a wide range of opions :-D ? Anyway, they arrived today; look good but as ever not as good as in the smaller sizes. They are plenty long enough (EU41) but unfortunately too narrow. Walk extremely well what with the fairly thick outer wearing sole. Will send back, despite a hefty 2/3 price cut I can't really justify them. Will sell on at cost plus P&P if anybody is interested; respond asap. R
  7. All Have found these but only from a single source and seemingly only available up to EU39; http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1438.l2649 Really like the combination of the slim hidden platform, round toe and the block heel. Should be pleased if anyone knows of another source showing larger sizes, EU 41/ 42. Attached pictures for long term reference. R
  8. All Just bought - well ordered as the payment didn't go through but the order is in place - these. Saw a black pair in a local boutique but initially misread the label as melissa in leather; could I find them, could i bugger but on returning to look again at them i discovered they were by Miista. Style; Alka. Usually retail for around £160 but have picked up for £50. Initially to buy for GF but she doesn't like the tan; the black ones still too expensive and unable to get hold of in her size. Also available in turquoise. seemingly 5" heel with 1.5" platform. Will let you know how they are upon delivery. R
  9. love them! can't get the video clip to play at home but love the photos; now this is exactly what i love about high heels, how they can alter the way in which the wearer has to walk / balance and changes the visual appearance of the natural human form, hence my love of ballet and heel-less shoes. These take that all to the next level......brilliant if not truely wierd. R
  10. All First new pair (for me) in a while, once again from TKMaxx; Firetrap Tempest, RRP £60-70 found in both UK5 for my GF and 8 for me for £30 each, so had to buy both . 5's too large for GF but 8's a good fit for me - have gently stretched and are really comfortable. The toe detail with the more enclosed bootie style caught my eye as something a little different to the norm. The rear laced detail is okay but frankly not necessary as it's not really doing or suggesting anything other than biker or fetish notes. 5.5" to back of heel, with approx 1.25" hidden platform for the 8s, heel just a little shorter on the 5s, which makes them look a lot sexier. The 8s look a little clunky; the prortions still looked good on the 7s but were just too tight . R
  11. All Well, she loves them but they are too narrow......the length is spot on for her UK4.5 feet however the strap across the ball of the foot is far to tight; her feet are (as she puts it; stumpy) I see them more as squared (which I find quite attractive) rather than pointy (personally not so attractive) which makes wearing them really uncomfortable even for very short periods of time. Appartently they walk very well; she is an almost full time high heel wearer (she's only 5'2" (i'm 6'4"!)) and found the fit other than the toe strap to be very good. This therefore brings me on to having to sell them (no returns policy at Milanoo if they simply don't fit) I am due to post on ebay, however am giving you the chance to buy if you wish. They cost £46 delivered and should be pleased to get most of that back. Let me know your thoughts R
  12. Well as it happens, I have brought the camera into work so can get the picture uploaded; find below pictures of the received shoes. Think you'll agree all looks good, though apologies for the lack of detailed pictures; should have buffed up the gold to remove my paw prints before taking the photos R PS, Oh, these are sized China 36 for a UK4.5, though as stated before not yet tried for size.
  13. Benno oh, I quite agree; i was very cautious as I had realised the pictures on Milanoo seemed to be the Zanotti pictures themselves, however, the finish and quality appear to be very good; no scuffs or glue marks; we'll just have to see how the construction is. Yes, knock off indeed but at least they are not passing them off as the real thing; let's face it all the high street stores are at it all the time knocking off the designer cat walk shoes, it's how fashion filters down to the masses. R
  14. All Finally took the plunge and bought these from Milanoo; http://www.milanoo.com/Black-T-Strap-Open-Toe-Buckle-Special-Shaped-Heel-Womens-Sandals-p160466.html was a little concerned but all is well; seem well made with good finish, just need to see whether the size is good or not. http://www.milanoo.com/Wedge-Shoes-c614/s-48.html Have taken pictures but struggling to upload from home, will add at work when possible. R
  15. yep, I believe they are made for walking too!
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