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  1. Name: Ariel Succubus (last name may vary depending on humor or company). Age: 40 as of last 02/29 Gender: female in my mind, transexual on most other's. Marital status: In a long lasting relationship with an extremely beautiful woman. I'm polyamorous, but she has her reservations... I have this need to be respectful. Respect that and we can be friends. Preferences: I'm extremely sadomasochist, fetishist through and through (in so many ways I can't easily translate into words). Just love woman, but will take a man on the side if he's sensible and intelligent enough. Hobbies: reading, fixing stuff, making friends, dancing like a crazy person, wearing absurd clothing, makeup, accessories, shoes and anything else I can, just to feel like myself a tad little bit more. Occupation: public employee 1/3 of my time, so many other things besides it. I do work some if not most of my spare time, doing whatever I feel to be fun and challenging. Favorite Heels: would say stilettos, but have learned to adore my booted feet in whatever footwear I find I want at any given time. Mostly wedge extreme heels right now, but also love so many other types I just can't put in a list. Favorite shoe style: boots through and through, but otherwise simple scarpins will make me smile. Location: Brasil Height: average; Weight: average (1,75 m, 79 kg before diet, don't really care) Shoe size USA: 10 or 9.5 sometimes Heels outside: only in parties when I go full throttle. Highest heel: 19 cm, can walk well on them as long as I have something to hold on to. Ho often do I wear? All the time darling! When at home, I don't own slippers, I own sky high heels ONLY. LOL What else do I have to say? Well, I would love to make my local scene more interesting, and have been contributing to my best for the last 13 years or so. Would love to make the scene more interesting to all of us, but my means are very limited. If there's ever someone looking for a friend to help empowering the scene in this buthole of a city, that's me. Any collaboration will be very much welcome, always.
  2. Dolar wise, I can afford 100 USD right now (with shipping cost), but the lower the better. My country's currency has dipped so low after the pandemic that 100 USD has become a steep price. My present boots are these: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32808616912.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dCIGHE6 Mine are purple in color... should have bought black or red, but always wanted some purple boots. These are my babies and I love them so much. I have spent some 300 BRL on them when I bought them, but now they cost almost twice that much. I have learned to walk in 14 cm heels (no platforms) a while ago. Even performed wearing them. Now this is my new normal and I don't take them off for a minute while at home if ever possible. Even sleep with them on to keep my feet conditioning. Found these today: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000333461806.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.226c7293A3lSqT&algo_pvid=17630d80-ba22-4fbf-951b-09e3058d1f68&algo_expid=17630d80-ba22-4fbf-951b-09e3058d1f68-30&btsid=0ab6fb8815901841761568079e830b&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ They're supposedly the same height. Will buy them eventually if I don't find any better options. Darling, I'm transexual 100% of my time, but I'm fetishist 999999% of my time (seriously). I would very much love to have some sweet sweet leather or even latex, but that's ways away from my financial capabilities. Meanwhile, I must do what I can to keep the crazies down, if you know what I mean. Isn't that a perfect height? Would love to be satisfied with it, but from the very firs minute I wore 15 cm, I was entranced and in love. I highly recommend trying these. The very challenge is just so pleasurable. I have found my size after ordering wrong sizes from Pleaser USA some two or three times without success, then tried on aliexpress and found the perfect size on the second try. Now I just roll with it. China has it's crazy measures, but they're just as consistent as american's from where I stand. Have a few pairs of those form there. Ballet and otherwise. Yet, I need something wearable, not just for bed games. So I'm sticking to 5.5 until I can walk like a ballerina. I have bought two devious scream 3020 and wasn't able to stand in either (both were wrong size, one too small, one too large), but have a friend that just put them on and started walking like they were flip flops. To this day I don't know if I want to kill her o marry her. Let's see if they can fit my budget. If not, I'll keep to Aliexpress. In the end, even the cheapest models from ali are becoming quite beyond my pay grade. Remember, Latin American here, bad currency forever. If I had the money to buy specialty shoes, I would most certainly be spending it all on surgeries right now. LOL. Thanks to all of you boys and girls. I will check all the suggestions A.S.A.P. Hope I can find what I'm looking for. If I don't, I'll just have to wait some more to get what I can. My collection is pretty good already by my standards. Any other suggestions will always be welcome! BTW, will dive deeper in the forum to find other places as sweet and welcoming as I felt this one to be. You're all just so nice!!!! <3
  3. Started this post in the neutral area because I don't feel comfortable in any gender defined area. I'm a transexual, for as long as I remember, but know and respect all the limitations I see in any female gender defined space. I'm a very self conscious person, please respect me as such. So, it has been a long time since I last posted here. I have been training with some more than beautiful 18 cm heels (3 cm platform) boots for ages (actually just 1,5 year or so). I now can manage living 24 hours wearing these beauties (have trained with 14 cm for ages), but they're wearing, like FAST. In my country buying quality stuff is hard (our currency is depreciating more than ever), and buying from developed and powerful countries is prohibitive. So, the alternative for any fetishist transexual like myself right now is to just buy it all from china. It has been like that for quite a while, but now more than ever. After all that description, I ask of you all: is there any option of cheap 15 cm heels (besides the platforms) out there on the cheap? I can buy some like the ones I own right now, but would rather look for something different, specially without these annoying platforms. I have learned to love my heels more than I could ever imagine, but in my mind they're just ugly somehow, specially compared to those without platforms. My best option right now for shoes (I prefer boots, of course, but closed shoes will do), right now, is to acquire them from Aliexpress. Any suggestions? The cheaper the better, but with the basic standards still apply (PVC or similar material, good heels, higher shaft boots if ever possible). I think I'm ready to go 16 cm pure heels, but I don't quite know if I really want or need all that. 15 cm feels so good I think I can party on them, but 15.5 and 16 cm heels suggestions are also welcome. So, I'd love to have the guidance of all girls out there, born girls or otherwise. Luv u all. <3
  4. I have trained with 14 cm heels (no platform) for one year or so. When it felt easy to walk in, I bought a pair of 18 cm high (3 cm heels) from aliexpress and have been walking with them everyday since. I can already manage 16 cm, but need to stretch my tendons before doing so. Ballet and scream heels are next on the list.
  5. WOZ

    Hi there. Nice to meet you! If you'd like we could chat some day: msn - wzdods@gmail.com See ya

  6. Jens

    In fact it seems we have similar interests! You're lucky being smaller than me and having smaller feet. If you were a women, would you go the whole way and wear extreme heels all the time (perhaps not ballets)? For me, the answer is a definite 'YESSSS!!!'

  7. WOZ

    Hello there. I'm from Brazil and I loved your profile. I found you through the "let's get to know each other" and would love to talk to you about heels. If you're interested, please add me: msn - wzdods@gmail.com Best regards.

  8. Man, I admire and envy you. Would you do the kindness of sending us a picture of that??? Please? Cut the face off, but send us some picures. I also congratulate you for your strong personality which alow you to defy the hipocrisy of others. Really sweet. My best regards.
  9. Well, thank you so much:wavey: . The heels scene around here is weak (as much as the bdsm/fetish)... There aren't many stores that sell heels of reasonable size. There's no fetish shoe store at all to be seen and most women aren't fond of extreme heels... All of they enjoy seeing 4", maybe 4 1/2", but few would dare to wear them if they're ever to be found at stores. As there are many drag queens throughout the country, you can still see a handfull stores that sell high heels, but not without platforms (which I don't like at all) and it's so hard to find anything worthwhile anywere... I love, above all, boots. Thigh high are my passion, yet I own just two pairs of them, and thogh they're quite cute (strech pvc), yet their heels are ridiculously low, about 3" or 3 1/2" inch spikes... My first resonable acquisition is a pair of devious scream 3010 thigh high stiletos which I've just bought, yet it was quite a deception, since I've had to pay almost the full price of the iten again upon arrival (customs taxes) and have yet chosen the wrong size (11 FEM istead of the correct 9 or 9 1/2 FEM), so it has been expensive and conpletely useless, very cute, but useless. Since I'm out of USA they would charge me yet again with the customs price upon arrival, so I'm "trying" to sell them through the internet. I live around the south-east part of my country, and it's a very enjoyable part of it I must add. Quite developed, yet (how can I say it) very cozy, very traditional. I love this place, but being a person that loves the bdsm/fetish/crossdressing lifestiles, I have quite a hard time having fun around here... I've just ended a 4,5 year long vanilla relationship with a woman almost twice as old as I (beautifull, though) which didn't understand anything about my lifestyle and caused me to fall depressed, even though we were very romantic and passionate. Now I have a Suportive Oposite, a bisexual, hyperactive, tabooless, insane and cute girl who's showing me the other side of life, the one of the people who feel like they fit somewhere (believe me, if you where to experience this sensation you would leave any person at once). If you're ever to come around my country for a tour or work, I'd love to sit for some tea, or juice (tropical country indeed). Even though people around here are conservative, most are so welcoming that you would never really notice the discrimination. Thank you again for your warm welcome!
  10. Well, though I see the real question of your viewpoint, that the administrators of schools have to be aware of this sort of thing to avoid their asses from being kicked by the public opinion, and that's a very good point indeed, for their have family and must care for their careers and jobs as much as anyone, yet I see much contradiction in it. Think, if there's anyone who should be punished, it would be the bullies, the one's that really cause the trouble. In a common school we can see, everyday, boys and girls, that publically atack other boys and girls that are ugly, have strange habits or otherwise are anyhow diferent. The diferent must then be punished? Be brought to normality? Well, plastic surgery for childs is far out of question... The right thing to be done is thus to punish the ones who bully. If it's about preventing something, then warn them that they'll be punished. People who harrass others don't do it because these are diferent, but because they have a somehow disrupted view of things and think they'll get away with it. Teatching our kids that their individuality is something to be afraid of, to be ashamed of, is not the right way to preventing them from being target of injury, it is to make them hurt themselves from the inside by feeling wrong and afraid. Change is going on out there, and we must ready our childs to be part of it, not to turn themselves away from the reality, which is one of great change and diversity.
  11. Name: Walace Age: 27 Gender: Male (straight) Location: Brazil (MG) Occupation: Public employee (administrative work, bah. ) Height: 1,75 m Weight: 69 kg Shoe size: 8 (M) 9 1/2 (F) What's your favourite heel style: stiletto What's your favourite shoe style: thigh highs (yeah baby) Do you wear your heels outside: Nope, not at all. What is: (a) Your favourite heel height: ballet ( Your highest heel height: 6" How often do you wear: everyday, when alone or with my insane little girlfriend. Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: 7/8 stockings always Anything else you wish to add: wearing boots is one of my many, many fetishes, yet it is the one that makes me feel powerfull and in control of situations. To my standards, every people who work in positions of power (women and men alike) should wear 7/8 black stiletoes to match their positions. lol, sorry, insanity moment...
  12. That's the old ways of human society baby... Hypocrisy without limits and some morality to add flavor. Good old society... Always the same.
  13. Once a friend of mine (back then when I was student) told me that one year before a girl was seen in the school bathroom kissing another girl... This part makes me angry: the news spread in seconds, and soon many people where by the bathroom's door ready to beat them down. I'd love to be there to beat the crap out of each and every one who'd ever try so (as I did once in that very same year). Luckily, this very same friend, who's a cute little bisexual girl who really knows how to fight, where there and protected the girls untill the teatchers came to solve the problem... See, the teachers, at least most of them, where very open minded and tried to put some sense into the crowd's minds, but the very boys and girls who're suposed to be liberal and open minded where the problem then... That was a very isolated event, and is not very likely to have hapened somewhere else, but it did make me think about how people can be really foolish concerning other people's lives and lifestyles.
  14. There are, for example, homosexuals that go to public wearing their girl clothes, tell their parents thei're not boys, but girls and so on... And there are those who don't feel like doing so, living they "boy" lifes and so on... Both are doing the right thing, that's their point of view and their thruth about the matter. I've already seen men wearing high heels in public with man's clothes (don't know if they where gay at all), and though I did sort of envy them, I didn't think that would be something I'd like to do myself. Not because of the "implications", like compromising my masculinity, looking funny or odd, being criticized nor anything. I just prefer it the way it is. People make choices, and though they may look wrong for others, what they themselves think is what matters. My opinion, that is.
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