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  1. I feel like I might have an advantage here, I limit my search by item location and just set it to North America only, that takes out all the cheap chinese junk. I know Jeremy and Swede cant really do that.
  2. Oh, and I feel fortunate, both of my feet are the same size... just on the cusp of being too big for some brands however. Sometimes finding a women's 11 can be a little difficult. Many of them stop at 10.
  3. @Pumped Congrats on your Pleasers! I've got plenty of pairs of their boots and without a doubt they are some of my most comfortable for long term wear. Just last night I wore a pair of Vanity knee high boots from about 6 until 11:30 or so. Do yours have any kind of artificial vinyl strip at the top where your knee cap would rub? My pair of Legend 8899s do and it's annoying. They make my knee caps sweat,, which I didnt even know was a thing. The rest of the boot is nice soft leather with a nice fabric lining, but that upper part over the knee is leather on the outside and vinyl on the inside.
  4. Im sorry to hear that. Maybe you might get lucky and one of them might be close to your size and willing to lend you a pair to wear during your meeting?
  5. I just found out something with the Asus website, they totally mark up their prices for the American market. I looked at the same pair of boots on the UK site vs the US site and even after the exchange rate, it's more expensive on the US site. VS Now $72 =/= £ 45 more like $60. Tell me that makes sense... It's $12 cheaper for me to order them from the UK and have them shipped across the pond. Not sure thats a good business model.
  6. I happen to be fortunate enough to own one of these... and it's served me very well
  7. Lol! Im not even wearing my heels out of the house and I dont want to go that high. When I said my Pleaser Daggers give me cramps, it's literally within 5 minutes of standing up in them, never mind walking gracefully outside in them. Thye feel good when sitting or laying in bed, but walking in them is near impossible for me without clopping with very bent knees, which is quite uncomfortable on the lower back. There is no heel/toe action when Im wearing them, which is why I tried to sell them twice already. 5" is my limit and even then, I can only walk around for maybe 20 minutes before needing a sit for 30 minutes to get rid of the burn. To the OP, buy whatever makes you happy, but be warned, sometimes its best if you dont meet your heroes. Thats the #1 reason I havent bought my first pair of ballet boots yet, I dont want to ruin my mental picture of me wearing them. A trial with a lower, cheaper pair of heels is probably your best bet to introduce yourself to high heel wearing.
  8. I can agree with Jkrenzer. When I was in my early 20's I was able to start buying my own shoes. All I ever wanted was the tallest, thinnest heels I could find. My first two pairs of boots had a 2.5" heel and a 3" heel and I felt like I had settled because I wanted 5" or better. Those 3" heels werent easy, but they had a slightly wider heel, so it made it seem easier. My next pair of boots were from Wild Pair and had a 5" heel. OMG my calves burned after 20 minutes, which I now know is quite a feat for a first time in heels that high, but I still wanted more, so I bought a pair of pumps with 5.5" heels. INSTANT calf cramps when I stood up! Even now after wearing heels off and on for 20 years, I have one pair of Pleaser Daggers and they cramp up my calves after 10 minutes of standing. They look fun as hell, but trust me, until you can work up to wearing extreme heels, they arent a whole lot of fun. Here is a great example of how difficult extreme heels can be... This lady practically lives in high heels and doesnt exactly have the greatest time in them.
  9. I was thinking, damn if you gained any weight what-so-ever, they suddenly wouldnt fit anymore and it would be a bunch of money wasted.
  10. Well, here is the thing, where I live the folks at the mall are a very large mix of cultures and ethnicity... and they don't always get along. There have been a few shootings there in the past couple of years. Yes we have the average people that shop there, but then we have the young males that wear their pants really low and wear gang colors. Those are the guys I worry about. I really don't care very much if someone snickers, or even points and laughs as long as they leave me alone. It's the fear of an actual physical confrontation that bothers me.
  11. Well, like I said, they did have a thicker heel and they had rubber out soles, so they werent slippery or unstable at all, which is part of why I chose them. What killed it was the angle of the foot and heel compared to the ball area. I have at least one pair of boots right now that have this same issue, and they were crazy cheap on Amazon, like $15 or $20 or something like that. Just goes to show you get what you pay for. My Nine West boots dont have that issue. Those might be the ones I choose for my next adventure out, whenever that might happen. And yes Pebbles, I am VERY fortunate (and thankful) to have my wife. I told her very early on in our relationship about my boot fetish and she is very open minded. Her initial response was, so what? It's only clothing. In the 17 years we have been together, she has actually developed a boot fetish of her own, it's just too bad she can't enjoy wearing them the same way I do. Her weight unfortunately limits what she can wear. So instead she lives vicariously through me and occasionally buys me boots that she likes.
  12. So, I just wanted to tell my brief story about the one and only time I wore my boots out in public. It's nothing really super exciting or nearly as daring as some of you, but I just feel compelled to share it. So, I had wanted to try wearing my heels out for quite some time and couldnt find the best place to do so without endangering myself or my wife. We don't exactly live in the best of areas near people that I would entrust to not start something with someone they didn't accept if you catch my drift. After some discussion, we determined the best place to go where I would never "stick out" was the adult shop. Yes it seems cliche, but we have been to this shop a couple of times and know it's never busy and anyone shopping in there are usually either too nervous to even make eye contact with another customer or they are too busy making fun of the sex toys to notice anything. So after packing my boots into a bag to get them out to the car (I have family that lives on both sides of my house and they do not need to know about these things) I got in the car and put my boots on while my wife drove. I had on long jeans and a cheap pair of faux leather OTKs we had bought at Sears a few years ago. I had the pant legs over the boots so you had no idea how high up they went. They also had a thicker 4" heel which was mostly exposed. The walk across the parking lot was a little nerve racking because the heels were echoing off the pavement and anyone outside instantly knew my wifes flip flops werent making that noise. The inside of the store is carpet, so nothing happened in there. We bought a couple of toys and headed out. My only mistake was picking that pair of boots to wear, not that I had too much choice at that point. My other boots were either grey knee high platform boots with 6" heels, leather thigh high 5" stiletto heels or thigh high PVC boots. I didnt have quite the selection I have now. Keep in mind, I said these were cheap boots. The foot bed had 0 padding and after 10 minutes I had a hot spot on the balls of my feet. My god did that hurt, but I wasnt going to let that stop me. It was certainly exhilarating (even with being so uneventful), and I would like to eventually try it again some day. Just like I said, we have to be very selective where we go. The mall would be an awesome experience to browse through Macy's and Dillard's, but there are too many "boyz n the hood" in the main section of the mall and I get uncomfortable even in normal clothing when I go, never mind having heels clacking away to attract their attention.
  13. For me it was the fetish side of wearing heels and the idea I would be wearing heels for 24 or more hours straight. The taboo side of it, that Im not "supposed" to be wearing heels for that long, or with going by certain parts of society, not supposed to be wearing heels at all. The other half of the scenario where I wore them to bed was that it was "out of my control". It was a game my wife and I were playing where she had gone out for the weekend and I was to remain in heels the entire time she was gone per her instructions. That added a bit more spice to it. I certainly wasnt doing it for the physical feel of sleeping in heels, it was 100% for the mental game. That mental side was wonderful up until about 2AM where I really wanted to take them off to get some better sleep, but I pressed on. So that's my reasoning for it and having done it and gotten it out of my system, I wouldnt ever think to do it on my own again. If my wife were to bring it up during another game, then sure, but outside of that, no thank you.
  14. My biggest wish would be a pair of Gianmarco Lorenzi boots, but I know I will never own a pair, because I could never justify spending that much money on a pair of boots. A more realistic wish is to find a pair of Ellie Shoes "Angie" boots in my size. They were discontinued a few years back and impossible to find now. Im actually kind of shocked that no one makes an affordable classic chap style boot in leather anymore. I know Jean Gaborit and Fernando Berlin both make a pair that are similar, but to me, those arent affordable. $150 is about my limit for boots. So for me, Lorenzi's, Louboutin's, and the like are like the Ferraris and Lambos of the shoe world, fun to look at but really difficult for the common person to afford while the Nine West's, Aldo's, and Steve Madden's are like the Chevy and Ford... much easier to afford and obtain, but not quite as nice.
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