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  1. A phenomena at eBay...

    I feel like I might have an advantage here, I limit my search by item location and just set it to North America only, that takes out all the cheap chinese junk. I know Jeremy and Swede cant really do that.
  2. My boot collection

    Sent you a PM
  3. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Oh, and I feel fortunate, both of my feet are the same size... just on the cusp of being too big for some brands however. Sometimes finding a women's 11 can be a little difficult. Many of them stop at 10.
  4. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    @Pumped Congrats on your Pleasers! I've got plenty of pairs of their boots and without a doubt they are some of my most comfortable for long term wear. Just last night I wore a pair of Vanity knee high boots from about 6 until 11:30 or so. Do yours have any kind of artificial vinyl strip at the top where your knee cap would rub? My pair of Legend 8899s do and it's annoying. They make my knee caps sweat,, which I didnt even know was a thing. The rest of the boot is nice soft leather with a nice fabric lining, but that upper part over the knee is leather on the outside and vinyl on the inside.
  5. My boot collection

    Im sorry to hear that. Maybe you might get lucky and one of them might be close to your size and willing to lend you a pair to wear during your meeting?
  6. I need help with a decision - boots or wedges?

    I just found out something with the Asus website, they totally mark up their prices for the American market. I looked at the same pair of boots on the UK site vs the US site and even after the exchange rate, it's more expensive on the US site. VS Now $72 =/= £ 45 more like $60. Tell me that makes sense... It's $12 cheaper for me to order them from the UK and have them shipped across the pond. Not sure thats a good business model.
  7. Adding Holes to Straps

    I happen to be fortunate enough to own one of these... and it's served me very well
  8. First experience - seeking help

    Lol! Im not even wearing my heels out of the house and I dont want to go that high. When I said my Pleaser Daggers give me cramps, it's literally within 5 minutes of standing up in them, never mind walking gracefully outside in them. Thye feel good when sitting or laying in bed, but walking in them is near impossible for me without clopping with very bent knees, which is quite uncomfortable on the lower back. There is no heel/toe action when Im wearing them, which is why I tried to sell them twice already. 5" is my limit and even then, I can only walk around for maybe 20 minutes before needing a sit for 30 minutes to get rid of the burn. To the OP, buy whatever makes you happy, but be warned, sometimes its best if you dont meet your heroes. Thats the #1 reason I havent bought my first pair of ballet boots yet, I dont want to ruin my mental picture of me wearing them. A trial with a lower, cheaper pair of heels is probably your best bet to introduce yourself to high heel wearing.
  9. First experience - seeking help

    I can agree with Jkrenzer. When I was in my early 20's I was able to start buying my own shoes. All I ever wanted was the tallest, thinnest heels I could find. My first two pairs of boots had a 2.5" heel and a 3" heel and I felt like I had settled because I wanted 5" or better. Those 3" heels werent easy, but they had a slightly wider heel, so it made it seem easier. My next pair of boots were from Wild Pair and had a 5" heel. OMG my calves burned after 20 minutes, which I now know is quite a feat for a first time in heels that high, but I still wanted more, so I bought a pair of pumps with 5.5" heels. INSTANT calf cramps when I stood up! Even now after wearing heels off and on for 20 years, I have one pair of Pleaser Daggers and they cramp up my calves after 10 minutes of standing. They look fun as hell, but trust me, until you can work up to wearing extreme heels, they arent a whole lot of fun. Here is a great example of how difficult extreme heels can be... This lady practically lives in high heels and doesnt exactly have the greatest time in them.
  10. Youtube. What A Resource!

    I think it was his own personal opinion based on this... I also agree it was a bit rude however read his signature line... I'm as blunt as a baseball bat cutting through glass. I'm well aware of this too, so dont take it personally I also agree that one single person cant properly moderate an entire forum. I'd like propose either a sticky thread in the "Ultra High Heels" section for videos of this nature (and encompassing any videos that contain extreme heels higher than say 6"?) or a thread in this section strictly for this sort of thing that way anyone who doesnt want to be subjected to it can avoid it easier. If we can concerned with the image of HHPlace, I know certain forum software can set permissions for sections or threads and maybe there is a chance this one does too. If so, we could set it up so you cant access that thread/section without asking for clearance first, that way people have to make a concerted effort to view that material. Now having it locked off would NOT mean we get to just break the rules and post whatever we want since it has limited access. All the normal rules would still apply.
  11. Youtube. What A Resource!

    @Tech, I apologize for reading the rules a bit too literally, but that's a pretty gray area. A guy in a skirt, stockings, and heels isnt actually crossdressing here, but wearing makeup is. Ok, I got it now. I do have a few last things I'd like to say though... you mentioned the context and the content of videos and ask Luke where he might see his heels being worn and said you didn't comment on the video above his because of the context. The woman in the ballet boots is practicing her floor dance routine around a chair. Where might I normally see that? My guess would be in the same place you might see Luke's heels. Now it might not be intentional, and Im not accusing you of anything, but it might appear to be a bit of a double standard. I also have not, or do not report things I think violate the rules simply because I do not care that much. When something truly offends me, then I will speak out about it. If you really want to know, there is a video on page 9 that shows a drag queen in full makeup covering a Cher song, which is against the rules as it's a post involving crossdressing. I honestly felt the opposite about Lukes video too, I felt a bit more empowered knowing that Im not alone and actually felt like I could make something similar to share. After seeing the crap storm he stirred up, I certainly wont be doing it now, or at least I know not to post it here.
  12. Youtube. What A Resource!

    Ummm wait... Does that mean you are nobody? Or does that mean what you say doesn't count? See above... Video formatting would encompass editing as well... I happen to be a subscriber of his channel and I happen to enjoy his content. Dang it, why did I admit that? Now Im going to be sucked down a path of seediness and be BANNED from HHplace! I can honestly say if Tech's views are mirrored by a large chunk of the community here, then I suddenly feel a lot less welcome. One last thing, after reading the Do's and Dont's of HHPlace in the Guidelines, I figured out two things. One there is a HUGE piece of hypocrisy written within it. Line 13 states no Cross-dressing related topics... which means the ENTIRE section devoted to men wearing heels goes against the sites guidelines. It doesnt matter how you want to slice it, wearing a pair of heels that were intended for a woman to wear is crossdressing. Wearing any single article that was designed for the opposite gender is considered crossdressing. The 2nd thing I figured out is that if Tech is an Admin, he isnt a very good one. I took one look through the guidelines of what is not allowed on here and it seems at least 50% of the posts and members here post about something that is against the rules. As an Admin, Tech should be shutting down these seedy topics and removing these seedy pictures that violate all that HHPlace stands for.
  13. Youtube. What A Resource!

    Im inclined to agree with alphax here. Everyone starts somewhere in making videos. And so what if his videos are more about the fetish than the style? Thats his choice. I can find 100 youtube channels that just show the fetish side of high heel wearing. Just the other day a channel dedicated to running over high heeled shoes with a car showed up in my recommended section. Im totally not interested in watching that, but it's there. His video has nothing to do with enforcing the stereotype of men in heels being weird. Someone like this does a WHOLE lot more to enforce that... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2slMQcszMI But you know what, Im not going to knock either of them because they are doing what they like and are proud enough to share it with the world. And LTD8 has over 900 people that want to see more of his videos when he posts, so he must be doing something right. Lastly, it would appear you purposefully read his post with ill intent. His first sentence that you picked at was an obvious typo. Funny how if I add one missing letter, it totally changes the sentence into something that makes sense. "i was only because" makes a whole lot more sense if it reads "it was only because" Not everyone takes the time to proof read their posts. Either way, allow me to pick at your post... it's not even a proper example of speaking in the third person, for a third person reference he would have had to say his own name rather than "I". If anything, we could add a verb in between only and because and it would also make sense... "I was only stumbling because what the camera...." Your post comes across just as poor as his, if not worse because you wanted to correct his grammar and didn't even get it right.
  14. Locking Steel High Heels - Fancy Steel

    I was thinking, damn if you gained any weight what-so-ever, they suddenly wouldnt fit anymore and it would be a bunch of money wasted.
  15. My first time out (my only time out actually)

    Well, here is the thing, where I live the folks at the mall are a very large mix of cultures and ethnicity... and they don't always get along. There have been a few shootings there in the past couple of years. Yes we have the average people that shop there, but then we have the young males that wear their pants really low and wear gang colors. Those are the guys I worry about. I really don't care very much if someone snickers, or even points and laughs as long as they leave me alone. It's the fear of an actual physical confrontation that bothers me.