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  1. Nine West Getta black knee boots US10

    Yes they are a 10 US.
  2. I have my Nine West Getta knee boots up for sale. I have only worn these twice, indoors, for maybe 30 minutes. I REALLY dislike the way the foot feels, not comfortable for me at all. Great sales pitch huh? Pretty much in like new condition. One scratch on the right foot thats not really noticeable. I tried to take a picture of it. They are the man-made version, not real leather. Make me a decent offer, paypal preferred.
  3. I've decided to sell my red Pleaser Dagger 2020's. They are just too big for me. They run large to begin with and I ordered a size up figuring thats normal with ultra high heels, so I usually wear an 11, I ordered 12 and they fit more like 13. There is a spot on the right side boot where the PVC stretched from my foot not properly fitting into the boot (it slides forward due to them being too large) I have only worn them maybe 3 times at most. Make me a decent offer, Paypal preferred.
  4. Boots causing pain and temporary blisters

    So I tried them on again yesterday. I've figured out the issue, but have no idea how to solve it, or if there is a solution. Basically, Cali, you are right in a way. They seem too narrow, however, they dont squeeze my foot in the least bit. The issue seems to be that the foot area is wider than the platform below it. My foot fills that entire area, and the inside portion of my foot "spills" over the edge of the platform below. I wore them about 30 minutes with only 2 minutes of actual walking, the rest sitting. When I took them off, I had bright red lines that were sore on the bottoms of my feet where the edge had dug in. I really think it's time to put these up for sale to someone who can actually wear them.
  5. Pleaser boots

    https://www.amazon.com/Pleaser-Womens-Vanity-2013-Black-Leather/dp/B00125RTHY/ref=sr_1_20?ie=UTF8&qid=1505863584&sr=8-20&keywords=pleaser%2Bvanity&th=1&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/Pleaser-Womens-Vanity-2013-Knee-High-White/dp/B000GYC4XG/ref=sr_1_19?ie=UTF8&qid=1505863630&sr=8-19&keywords=pleaser%2Bvanity&th=1&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/Pleaser-Womens-Leg8899-Black-Leather/dp/B00YDNLRHA/ref=sr_1_2?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1505863655&sr=1-2&nodeID=7141123011&psd=1&keywords=pleaser%2Blegend%2B8899&th=1&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/Pleaser-LEG8868-Womens-Legend-8868-Black/dp/B00125V57E/ref=sr_1_1?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1505863680&sr=1-1&nodeID=7141123011&psd=1&keywords=pleaser%2Blegend%2B8868&th=1&psc=1 All of these are REAL leather. I know for a fact as I own 3 of the 4 pairs I linked. And of all my different Pleaser boots, these 3 pairs are literally the most comfortable in my entire collection of boots.
  6. Pleaser boots

    I've wanted a pair of Domina boots for a little while now. Mostly the 1023 with the locking cuff. Im also looking to get a pair of Legend 8868 and the Classique. My collection is as follows... Vanity 2013 (two pairs, one red and one white) Still want a pair in black too Seduce 3010 Medic 3028 Dagger 2020 Legend 8899 I have mixed reviews of these overall. I got the Legends first and the Seduce about a month later. Im glad those came first and not the Dagger or Medic, otherwise I may have never bought any others. The Legend and the Seduce fit awesome, super comfortable, well as comfortable as a 5" heel can be. The Medic is crazy tight over the top of the foot and digs in. The length of the foot fits fine, the width is good, but up over the top of my foot, Im left with a crease in the skin for hours after wearing them. The Dagger... well... let's just say those probably should have been sent back. I figured with a 6" heel, I should go one size up. That was a mistake! They run big to start with, so these are far too big on me. My toes can barely fit down to the flat portion, so a good chunk of my weight is being held by the front of the boot. Well after my 2nd time wearing them, the PVC stretched and the outer coating started peeling off. The 2 pairs of Vanity boots are also awesome for long term wear. The lower 4" heel makes them super comfortable. I even went a full 24 hour stint in one pair, sleeping in them and all.
  7. Want to trade...

    Im looking (without luck) for a pair of leather chap boots in size US 11. Something like this... They could be 4" or 5" heels, black or white (would even consider red) but would like them to be in VERY good condition as my boots are all nearly brand new, just without boxes. I'd be willing to trade my pair of Jessica Simpson Yana (tan) or my Pleaser Legend 8899 (black). Neither have ever left the house, only worn on carpets. Never any bodily fluids on them.
  8. Pleaser boots

    So, I know sometimes out on the internet, some people give Pleaser a bad rap. Anyone around that actually likes their products besides myself? I currently have a decent collection from them and have about 4 or 5 more pairs on my wish list, the newest being the new Classique style that seems to be a direct copy of the Highest Heels Rampage model from a few years ago.
  9. Boots causing pain and temporary blisters

    pebblesf - I think your platforms are wood, but I cant find a good enough pic in the brown, this was the closest I could find... and it looks like they are covered in leather. Kneebooted - I cant say that mine have significant wear, they still look brand new. I think I have a total of 60 hours in them, 3 hour at a time, mostly sitting at my computer, with some walking around my home on carpet. Maybe wore them once a week in a rotation with my other boots. Im sorry to hear about the sole coming off, luckily mine has not started to do that yet. Cali - Those are really good questions that Im not 100% sure on the answer. Im pretty positive that the widest part of my foot is not sliding into the narrower section, however, I can not honestly say that my toes are in the same spot as they were when I first got them. They are pretty steep and the back portion of the heel has quite a slope so you cant really take any weight off the balls of your feet when standing still in them. All your weight is constantly sliding forward. I do agree with you and JS being a narrow boot. We tried to buy a pair of ankle boots for my wife and neither of us could get our foot down into them. The opening across the vamp was so stinking small there was no way to get them on. I went back into the closet today and inspected them again. I havent worn them in over a year and it's really the first time I pulled them out in just as much time. Visual inspection on the outside looked a little different. I used to be able to see exactly where the side of my foot had made an impression in the leather, its not there anymore. I reached down inside to feel where that ridge was that bothered me so much and I had a hard time feeling it. It's almost like the leather returned to its former state before I wore them so much. Sometime soon I will have to give them another shot and see if the problem has "corrected" itself or not. If it hasnt, then maybe it might be time to move on from them and try to find another pair that fits the tan leather, chunky wooden heel, slouchy style.
  10. Ok, so I own a pair of Jessica Simpson boots, model Yana. The front platform is solid wood and doesnt flex. It's also got a cup shape where the edges curve upwards on the sides and sort of hug your foot a bit. They were super comfortable, note I said were. I've only worn them about a dozen times or so indoors with a decent amount of sitting, but for some reason now my feet, especially my right foot, slide sideways inside the boots and a small part of my foot overlaps that edge of the platform. (circled below) I walk duck toed with my toes pointed outward rather than straight and I think the leather on the side of the boot has stretched a bit. There is no visible damage to them and if I sit down and slide my feet around inside the boots, I can get my foot to rest in a position where that isnt happening. As soon as I start walking again, my foot instantly slides over and the pain starts. This wasnt a problem when I first bought them. I tried gel inserts, but they made the whole foot bed feel funny and uncomfortable. Im really saddened by this as I searched long and hard to find this pair of boots in my size and in this color after they were discontinued. Hard enough to find boots I really like in US 11, lets make it a very specific color and model combination from a designer that typically stops at 10 on most shoes.
  11. My boots collection

    I dont believe it is, maybe by 1/4" or so if at all. From the outside, you cant see any kind of damage or anything. Sorry to hijack this thread, maybe this is a better discussion for the repairs section. Just posted in here because KneeBooted literally has the exact same boots I do.
  12. My boots collection

    Yeah both have it, though the right one is worse than the left, and go figure, that foot points outward more too. If I reach down inside the boot, I can feel right where it's stretched out and where the edge of the bottom platform is. Judging by the pictures of both, the Anne's platform is nearly the same size as the Yana, so I would imagine they would have the same curve near the inner edges. I've only worn them about a dozen times or so, all indoors. After 20 minutes of standing or walking, the pain is almost unbearable and I find myself trying to place little to no pressure on that spot. Have you ever tried to walk on only the outside part of your foot in platform boots? Yeah, not easy.... or comfortable. Anne was on my short list of must haves right after Yana was discontinued. I lucked out and found this pair of Yana on Ebay, new with "blemishes" (so minor I couldnt see them) Alister and Capitani are also on my list of wants.
  13. My boots collection

    To both of you with JS boots, I also have a pair of Yanas in tan. I have a question though, have either of you experienced any kind of shifting in the foot bed, or maybe stretching of the leather over the top of your foot? I walk kind of duck toed and both of my boots now allow my foot to rub on the edge of the foot bed just between my big toe and my arch. As you guys know, the foot bed curves up in this area which is super comfortable when it all lines up, but when the side of the boot no longer stops your foot from shifting up and over that edge, it creates a blister rather quickly. Ive tried inserts, but they just scrunch up, or are too thick, or any other host of issues that inserts normally cause. Im just saddened that one of my favorite pairs hurts me the most. I love the weight of them, they are so heavy and have some substance to them.
  14. Looking for boots!

    spikesmike... the Pleaser Legend 8899 is in fact real leather. It might not be cow leather like most people are used to, but pig leather is still real leather. http://www.pleaserusa.com/ProductDetail.asp?div=1_PLEASER&dpt=20_SS&ctg=C_B_THIGH&STYLE_CD=LEGEND-8899&PROD_CD=LEG8899%2FB%2FLE Notice they have 3 options.. Black Leather (P), Red Leather (P), and Black Faux Leather. The P is for Pig not Poly. http://www.pleaserusa.com/ProductDetail.asp?div=1_PLEASER&dpt=20_SS&ctg=C_B_THIGH&STYLE_CD=LEGEND-8868&PROD_CD=LEG8868%2FB%2FLE Same here with the Legend 8868. 3 Leather options, one Faux Leather. Again, like I said before, it's not super soft and supple like cow leather can be, but it's still real leather. One last thing... look at the price difference between the faux leather and the real leather... https://www.amazon.com/Pleaser-LEGEND-8868-Womens-Legend-8868-Boot/dp/B00125RVWW/ref=pd_sbs_309_4?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=8TTDDC01DMNKC2YKGSA2&th=1 If the "real" leather isnt real, then they must be the biggest scam artists... and I must be a complete idiot. There used to be another site based out of the US that had leather thigh high boots in the same ballpark for pricing, was something like thighhighboots.net or .com or whatever, but it seems to have disappeared. I always got it confused with the old favorite site thighboots.com