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  1. @Cali Stacked heels I'm a big fan of, thats probably why I like them so much. 😄 I will post a picture here when they arrive.
  2. @worick117 I already have these for a couple years, they are EU42. But recently saw they were still available on the local website I order often from (Zalando). On the official JC website a couple models are still available, but not the spike.
  3. @Jkrenzer Thats a pretty standard Dutch staircase. Some put half-moon carpet pieces on there. But many just painted over here. 🙂
  4. My latest booties addittion. They are real suede made by Sacha. I like them so much that I ordered the cognac coloured (smooth leather) ones as well, they have stacked heels. I usually really HATE brown shoes, but those I really like somehow. 😂
  5. One of the many new ones I got recently. Really love the chunky heels and they are so comfy. They are by Even & Odd for the Zalando shoppers.
  6. But I did (my reply to the initial post of this topic) and thats what Chorlini replied to.
  7. I looked them up, nope..not a fan. Round or almond toe it's for me, nothing else. Maybe the Daffodil as an exception but they are pointy-ish.
  8. Many here will not agree, but I absolutely hate pointy-toe heels.:)
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