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  1. Bumped into this and found it to be an interesting read: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/high-heels-military-training_us_5ae730cae4b02baed1bcb5c5
  2. Cl0setheels

    My first ( of hopefully many ) posts.

    Welcome to the forums! I really like your taste in heels and the way you wear them with the tight jeans. Looks great. I really like the heels from your first foto set. The sandals with the silver studs are awesome as well. Respect for going out in the park like that. I haven't worn really thin heels out yet. It looks great so you probably shouldn't let the doubts hit you again in a public place and go for it. And small things can be big for us heel loving men so don't worry. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Cl0setheels

    NewRock Boots - Austria

    Great boots! I love New Rock but they are so darn expensive!
  4. Cl0setheels

    Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    @BFGheels Those black heels look great with your outfit!
  5. Cl0setheels

    Men, What Made You Want To Wear Heels

    It sure is. I have some heels on display in my livingroom, no need to hide those anymore when I get visitors. One of the gest new options.
  6. Cl0setheels

    Men, What Made You Want To Wear Heels

    My interest in heels started in my early teens, I got my first pair of heels in 2006. I'm 35 now.
  7. Cl0setheels

    Men, What Made You Want To Wear Heels

    She's great. Allthough I'm very happy with the both of them. My mom just talks about things easier. And she's more used to out of the box things. She has a male cousin thats gay. She knew from early age (she's becoming 68 this year) and never made a problem of it. When she was a kid she had a male friend that put on dresses and heels from his mother. She never gave it a thought.
  8. Cl0setheels

    Men, What Made You Want To Wear Heels

    Well, I did it and told my parents. I was alone with my mom first so I told her before my dad. Her reply was, if it's you and you accepted it it's fine with me. It's no problem at all and next time we visit i'd like to see your collection. And by the way, why didn't you tell me years earlier don't wait so long again. I explained my history with heels and that I had an interest in shoes from a young age. She was a bit surprised by the amount of heels I have. She asked if she can tell her cousin and I approved. We also talked about tat I don't know about the why and she said it must be something you're born with and it's you. My dad is a bit less communicative and needs to overthink things, he didn't really know what to say. But he said, what am I supposed to say, if it makes you happy it's fine. My mom ephasized that she's fine with it. Overall I call it a success.
  9. Cl0setheels

    my 017 adventures

    Great stuff, i'm looking forward to the picture. I'm a huuge fan of the Dejavu. Sadly they are available for purchase again here in the Netherlands so I have to deal with the fact again that they don't fit me.
  10. What life keeps learning me is to just do things I want (within reason obviously). The only person you hurt by not doing things is yourself. Recently an aqaintance died at young age (39) and this made me face the facts of life again. Such things makes you realize you need to follow your dreams before it's too late. My first step, telling my parents about my heels this weekend.
  11. Cl0setheels

    Do you buy shoes even if you do not need them?

    @Ynotme Those boots are totally awesome! Love the heel and sole shape.
  12. Cl0setheels

    Men, What Made You Want To Wear Heels

    She does, my dad as well. :-) I suspect they won't have a problem with it. Not sure how comfortable they will be seeing me in them, might take some getting used to. The only thing I can't explain to them is the why, other than that heels are awesome. I can't explain why the need is so strong either. Does anyone has the answer to this about themselves here on this forum? I'm curious about that. I don't want to make a big deal out of it though when I tell them. It will be a week before I see them so have a while to think out my story. A couple of weeks ago I've worn ankle boots with block heel to a family visit and only got positive comments. Small step to get them used to the idea maybe.
  13. Cl0setheels

    Men, What Made You Want To Wear Heels

    For me it's sort of the same story. I don't have a specific event that made me want to wear heels. My interest in footwear started at a young age. When I was in groundschool the flatform sneaker just came in style. They where for girls but I totally loved them and wanted a pair. I didn't dare to ask my mum back in the day if I could get a pair because they where for girls. When I got in my teens my attraction to heels grew. I noticed them more and more on women and really loved them. I always wondered what it would feel like to wear them and when I had the chance I put on a pair of heels that belonged to the sister of a friend. They felt so good to wear. Things where a bit on hold until 2006 even though they never left my mind. In 2006 when I was living on my own (with a housemate) for little over a year and then I finally worked up the guts to order a pair of heels. I was so excited with them. They where sort of Pleaser platform style with a black sole, transparent part over the toes and black laces to tie them to my legs. I've worn them so much until the transparent bit came off, it was attached with round head nails and they ripped through the transparent plastic after a while. These got me hooked on heels and my collection has been changing / growing since. I have no clue what made me want to wear heels in the first place. Trying to answer that question has given me many depressions in the past. But I gave up finding the answer en just started enjoying heels. And things get easier every day. I've reached the point that I'm pretty sure I'm show my mum a pic of me in heels next saturday and ask: how do you like my new shoes? To get the conversation started.
  14. Cl0setheels

    my 017 adventures

    @w6ish At least the Dejavu comes in your size. I ordered the EU42 a while back and I'm totally in love with them but sadly they don't fit me. Not enough room for my toes height-wise. I need flatter toes, lol. But I'm jealous, the Dejavu is an awesome and very sexy shoe. And it's awesome how you wear what you like and feel good about it. I'm getting there slowly.

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