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  1. I will keep the flowers so I'll probably give them a go. But knowing myself I will prefer them without.
  2. I just ordered these: and these: Can't wait for them to arrive I will take the flowers off the first pair though. They are detachable.
  3. Nice, I would like to attend something like that. Don't know of any events like that close to me.
  4. Can't help you there but those, just wow! :-)
  5. @Cali I'm a total fan of the platform. Most of my heels have platforms and I just love how they look. In my opinion there is no universal recipe for shoes and how they will look good. It will remain a personal preference. I love both Louboutin heels that @mlroseplant posted. I would love to own both. Totally in love with the Daffodil. Lots of love in this post, lol. I'm just very passionate about heels.
  6. If this ever happens I have a lady I can probably bring along. She's a big fan of us men in heels.
  7. Great purchase, I love red heels. No picture of you showing them off?
  8. @bluejay Thank you for the positive reply. The picture doesn't actually show it but I've bought those as leather look skinny jeans. :-) They have a zipper and a button so they must be. This is my first leatherlook pants and I really like them. I made the pics initially for a ladyfriend and she likes the fishnet socks, thats also why I chose them (apart from liking the look). @jeremy1986 Thank you!
  9. Thank you Tina! :-)
  10. I've gotten two pair of boots in the New Look sale. Especially the black ones where a good deal since they are real leather. In the sale they where less that a quarter of the original price. I'm happy with them and they are both very comfortable. The knee high boots I got through a second hand clothing site. Sadly they are too small. The foot length is perfect but the top of my foot is too high and the shaft of the boot too narrow. Such a shame because I can hardly find any kneehigh boots I like and I really like these.
  11. Been a while since I've posted here. Quite a few new addittions over the past months. Most recent are a pair of Bordello Bella in white and a pair Bordello Teeze wide fit in White. Already had a pair of both of them (Bella in red and Teeze in black) but I'm such a big fan of them I had to get more. Also got this pair black heels by Blink a while back. They are black 'foe' patent. They are becoming a bit dull (white-ish haze), anyone has a good suggestion to make them shiney and black again?
  12. Nice Lita's! Those spikes sure are sharp. But when you are carful they are a joy to wear and look great.
  13. @las I will probably do the same with the regular spikes. I really love them.
  14. @las Those are awesome! I have the black spikes but like yours better actually. The concerns I read above are justified, the spikes are very sharp! But they look excellent on you.
  15. Such a shame, they look great. A dissapointment we all had I guess.