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  1. Love your screen name buddy!  Don

    1. Impala


      Chosen after one of my favourite bands, Tame Impala. 

      Do you know them?

      And thanks!

    2. pebblesf


      Sorry, never heard of the band, but have owned a few of the cars!

    3. Impala


      If you can appreciate some psychedelic stuff, give this a try, a nice song of theirs!



  2. Here in Belgium I see a fair bit of heeled ladies, also younger ones (In a moderately big city). It is true that the occasional very high heel is rarely on a young woman, but I see no reason to think heels are going out of style in here. I agree that younger women still wear heels, but mostly on special occasions. I think we are reaching an equilibrium, the point of balance where people who really want to wear heels are doing so, and that might be the best way. Wearing heels against your will isn't a healthy situation. So I don't think things are going to change a lot.
  3. Creating your style

    I like the outfits, and I presume you wear them for your daily life? How have the people around you reacted so far? Lots of love, compliments on your great choices? I hope so! I would love to see how you can combine something different from boots with a nice outfit.
  4. UK8 Navy leather court heels

    Are they still available? If so, could I see a picture from above? If they have enough room for my big toes, I am very interested!
  5. I bought this pair of boots, seemed to fit well in the store but when wearing them at home I noticed 3 things: -There wasn't enough space for my big toes, they were pushed too much inwards which caused pain -The shank was a bit too archy, causing pressure on the side of my foot. -They are quite low, which isn't a good thing in this case. I solved all 3 problems in once, with nothing but paperboard, kitchen roll tissue and tape As you can see, I created a new sole, and put 3 well folded sheets of tissue underneath. The shoes feel really great, now! It looks messy but you don't notice anything. I post this to inspire anyone who has similar problems with a pair, and isn't afraid to spend an hour finding the perfect measurements. Also, if anyone has a tip, that could make my design even better, feel free to share! (I'm hoping the tape lasts a while, but replacing it isn't a big deal)
  6. Going to Paris

    You will never see those people again. Consider it an opportunity to wear all the crazy stuff you wouldn't dare to do at home! Have fun!
  7. My revolution started today!

    Not a possibility. Still 3 years to go studying music production, and I've got my home studio set up at home. I will move out someday, and then I will be on my own for a loooong time, so I guess I better enjoy the company (and cooking/cleaning of my parents) while it lasts Why is there such a long waiting time for sexologists...
  8. My revolution started today!

    It will still take some time before my first outing. My parents are so overly worried I might be doing something I'll regret in the future, and they forbid me to go outside before I clear up every aspect of my relation to heels (Asexuality, fetish, gender identity). Even though I don't think there's any problem, and I know who I am, they don't. I respect their feelings, so I will wait... At least they don't seem to mind when I walk around in heels at home. I hope my patience will be rewarded!
  9. I have a question for you all?

    I have zero experience, and probably never will (Aromantic Asexual), but this seems like a very annoying issue. Imagine you treating your wife as a regular person whenever she does a specific thing. Do you think she'd like it? I guess not. I think the best way is to tell her how you feel about the situation. Make sure she understands it's making you feel bad, like your love isn't unconditional. She's probably embarrassed about your heeling, and doesn't want to associate herself with it. The only way is to make her feel good about the idea of men in heels. The trick might be to take the focus away from 'MAN in heels' and focus on gender equality, how much better the world would be if we never judged people on what they choose to wear, and how The heel is just an extension under your foot, not a clearly sexual aspect. It's only because we treat it as female, that we see it that way. That's the whole reasoning I used when convincing my parents. It can work for you, too! Best of luck.
  10. My revolution started today!

    I bought the boots, they will arrive next week. I read about people covering as much of the shoe as possible in the beginning. Why don't I just go all the way, with the entire tall shaft showing? Show I'm not afraid! That's what I plan to do, I'll keep you updated but it's a shame to shoes will take a week to reach me...
  11. I have always cursed my big toes. Not only for heels, but even most male shoes won't fit. Most shoes point inwards at the top, but my big toe points outwards. I actually buy my shoes too large to have space for my big toes... Now I found this: Surgery to make the toes better for heels, narrowing the feet. http://www.wdsu.com/news/the-cinderella-surgery/26942298 Does anyone have experience with this treatment? The thought of undergoing surgery for this issue kind of scares me, but really intrigues me at the same time. And it could help me considerably!
  12. My revolution started today!

    Thanks for all the lovely reactions! I will say I'm pretty good at walking in heels, though I haven't had the opportunity to see how well I handle long walks. I'll start with some small grocery trips. I have no plans to start wearing 5" heels, because I literally can't. Damn you, my cursed big toes! Has anybody had experiences with being called gay? I recently discovered I am asexual (lack of sexual orientation) so I might have an even better answer for such bigots! I attached a cool pair that I found and will try soon. What do you think of them?
  13. A couple of days ago, I saw yet another woman with heels on the street, and something clicked. I knew that if I ever want to be truly happy I must stop hiding what I love. I want to look back at my life when I'm old and say that I did what I wanted to do, and be proud of it. This is also coupled with my (unrelated) strong anti-gender norm feelings. I want change in society, but I realised that I would have to be that change. So I decided that I would start heeling publicly. Today I did the first test: Going to a shoe store and try on heels for the first time, instead of internet shopping. A saleswoman saw me, smiled and left. When She passed me again I asked about her opinion. She didn't find it strange, said that everybody should wear what they want. Nobody else made a remark. A lovely reaction for the first open experience! (You can Imagine how awesome it was to be finally able to try on all the heels they had. I even put on some long boots, and they are cool!) I talked about it with my parents. They say it's up to me, and even though they have remarks they won't stop me. My mom is still uncomfortable with the idea of the whole community knowing about it, though. The next part of my plan is to find some actual nice heels for me, the ones I have at home are not what I want to be seen in Any thoughts or tips on making the first outings as smooth as possible? Thanks. (PS: If you don't recognize me, my name used to be 'jorisken123')
  14. Hello Jorisken123 ;

    Still active heeling ?

    Greetings ;


  15. Once Upon A Time, In Belgium

    No. I really couldn't say anything more than a couple words. He seemed very busy and entered a building (I presume it was a shop). Maybe I should have waited for him...