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  1. Wow hernaezjames, they look great on you ! Those are classic and beautiful pointy pumps
  2. Wow I'm still in love but they are just too damn expensive
  3. Hey ! It's very brave of you and I would like to try that too but I'm still a bit scared Where do you live in Holland ?
  4. Damsels are on my wishlist ! I absolutely love the unique style of them
  5. You are forgiven They're great !
  6. Show them vector !
  7. Wow , they must be hard to walk in , I guess !
  8. Yeah me too , but what do you think that the price is going to be ?
  9. This is the link mtnsofheels : Under details you can view the shoes , I LOVE them so much
  10. Wow , the new collection for fal 2015 from Saint Laurent looks fierce ! First thing that caught my eye were the high heeled boots , LOVE them I'm saving up for these rock 'n roll babies What do you think about them ?
  11. Wow Mlroseplant , those boots are amazing !
  12. They are indeed very sexy and I really like the transparent platform and the heel !
  13. Gorgeous Petey86 I bought my lita's when they were on sale so the price/quality was pretty okay
  14. I thought it would be fun to show the whole forum your favorite heels ! These are my favorite heels (for the moment) ! They have an insane 16 cm heels with a big platform and they have black and silver sequins all over them Ready , set , POST !
  15. Well I'm always happy with the quality Freestyle75 I guess that your boots were just bad luck I own a studded shoe and they are still on the shoe , and they smelled like leather a few days But thanks for the post , your boots look amazing !