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  1. Great story. I'll be travelling soon, just picked up these. I may try and wear them around the airport or at least on the plane for a while. Love travelling to a new city where you know nobody
  2. Heals4me and Hiheellover23, loved both your stories. When you go out in public, who do you like showing your heels to? Is there a type of person you look for or do you just get your kicks from girls, guys, all ages seeing you in heels? Love that you went to the Trafford centre too. That's huge! It's not too far from me either, don't think I'll be making an outing to the Trafford centre but think ill head to a shopping centre up north this weekend in my heels. Thanks again
  3. Guys I love all your heels! I do love a good platform pump! Jorisken, love those red platforms
  4. Thanks for all the ideas all! I should be able to get my own v high heels soon
  5. Hi all, a few weeks back I posted saying that my next challenge was to get some skinny jeans and wear them with my heels. I've since bought some skinny jeans and I've been wearing them at home a lot although not out too much. Ive attached a few photos so take a look and see what you think. I'm going to try and wear the more often in public and pay for gas and a few things like that whilst wearing my heels and jeans. I've done it once thus far and it was great so I shall be out and about more often from now on....
  6. Thanks for the ideas. I forgot to mention that I'm based in the uk and I'd ideally like to try them on in a store. I don't mind spending up to £50 or £60 if they look like those in the picture!
  7. I've been wearing my pumps for about 6 months now and I'm getting pretty comfortable wearing them out and even had a few compliments on them. They're about 4.5 inches with the platform so I've been looking for something new and I've decided to try and find some heels that are a little higher. After browsing a few heel blogs I came across these and I absolutely love them! The problem is I have no idea what they are and most of the places I shop don't have heels this high. Does anyone know what they are or where would be a good place to buy very high heels from? Thanks Oh, hope the pic is o
  8. Great story! I'm looking for one near me
  9. Great post jetheelsfan. It's great to hear other stories of shopping as I love shopping for heels and I think I have built confidence in stores like you and many of the guys on the thread have. I tend to travel a little distance from where I live (80 miles or so) and then go shopping in the mall in the knowledge I won't run into anyone I know. I too like chatting with girls in the stores and I have had some great chats. Not too long ago I was in a changing area of a store with one female associate for around an hour and she was bringing me more shoes to try on but it was just so great to talk
  10. I'm probably in between a 3 and a 4 but it does matter to me what people think and I never go heeling close to where I live. I have recently bought some skinny jeans and I've been wearing those with 4" pumps in public which has been great but I seem to only want to show women that I'm wearing heels. I'm comfortable with women, less so with guys, not sure why. Does anyone else have this?
  11. Daisuki I just love your taste in heels. Those black platforms looks great
  12. Mine is definitely to get some skinny jeans and continue walking for longer. I've driven to a few towns recently away from where I live and just walked in my 4 inch black pumps. Got up to about an hour before my feet hurt too much
  13. Debenhams have a really good selection and usually go up to around a 9
  14. Hi All, So I went out this weekend looking for some new heels so I drove to a town that is a little way away where I knew I wouldn't see anyone I knew. I went to a large shopping centre and spent 45mins or so walking around a few stores, checking out some heels and trying a few pairs on. I didn't like anything that I tried on so moved on. I did have a few looks when I was trying them on but also some really nice women there to help. In one shop I was trying some heels on with a woman and her younger assistant (about 20 and very attractive) and they were both very nice. They were bringing me
  15. Good job on the public heeling and I think they're a great pair to start with. I have a similar pair that I'm out in quite regularly. I'm off out at the weekend to buy some court heels for heeling in public as its the next step for me. Well done!
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