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  1. Hello guyinheels, may I ask what part of the country you live? and what do the lady's think of a guy wearing high heels? I take it you spend some time talking with them if your showing the younger girls how to walk in high heels when you stop at the store. San Diego, CA

  2. I have had several of the same expirences Happyfeat. The payless I live closest to always has a great selection. I know that there are about 3 other guys that live close to it since I have met them. The store manager is a wonderful woman that has agreed to order more large size shoes for us. The other ladies that work there have a ball when any of the 4 of us are in there since we actually ham it up when trying on shoes. The other place I go is a lingerie store that is about 50 miles away since I hate ordering shoes online. The woman there again is a jewel.....she has asked me on multiple occassions to stay and help out at the store. In exchange she orders shoes for me and if she has a pair in my size in stock I walk out in them. Some of the women I meet in both places can be downright rude. I have had one actually tell me that high heels are for women only....while standing in a pair of beat to hell flip-flops. The Lingerie store owner asked her why she wasn't wearing heels then.......I died laughing and the woman left the store in a huff. Most reactions are very positive and I am getting more use to wearing heels out in public. Though getting asked by 10 women where I got my shoes from is a bit startling too....haha. Last but not least for the Payless ladies.....the other 3 gentlemen and I got together and bought them all $500 gift certificates for Christmas to show our appriciation. Can't wait to walk in after the holidays and see what they have to say then.
  3. I wore these today to work and no one but one woman that I work with noticed. The woman that noticed has been shoe shopping with me several times. When i got home I put these on because I love the way they feel. All in all it was a good day.
  4. I did the cancer walk a couple weeks ago in my 5 1/4 heels. The walk was a little it over a mile and was for a very worthy cause....I had alot of my male and female friends go walking with me. Some things like men wearing heels might not be mainstream but eventually it will be.
  5. guyinheels

    A way in???

    I have to agree With johnie.....you shouldn't try to use your wifes interest in a pair of heels to come out with your interest. Be honest with her and tell her about you interest. Honesty will go along way and you won't freak her out quite as bad.
  6. Hehe....that is cheating....I think you will really like em though....one word of warning if you are a half size go with the lower size.... Yes I do wear my heels out as often as i can.....most of my friends won't let me go out if I am not in heels LOL
  7. http://www.gothamcityauctions.com/product/index.cfm?brand=Steve%20Madden&styleid=&Style=&AID=&color=&dept=2&MID=30713&Size=&bid=64&Stock=982469 Those are very close to what I am looking for.....except the heel is higher and the shoe has no designs....i did look and there were no sizes above 11 though....wish I had a smaller foot
  8. Oh johnieheel you should try these too.....I wore these for 2 days straight with no issues what so ever. http://www.snaz75.com/pl-seduce-305.html
  9. HAHAHAHAHA I am really honest about my heels. I think of it like this.....if I didn't tell her and she saw my shoes then I would be worse off since she would think I was cheating on her with a tall woman. That would be funny in a way but not worth it in the long run. I find being honest is better even if the woman runs away screaming.....
  10. johnieheel I have to say that I am very jelous. I have tried to find a woman that would be supportive of me wearing heels but it has been practically impossible. The women I know that do like me in heels have put a strict "friends only" policy to me. It is very frustrating..hell I don't really care if she wears heels or not.......grrrrrrrr snarl snarl!!!
  11. I have a blast when i am out in heels.....I tend to get at least 2 or 3 women that will ask me where my shoes are from after they realize that I have them on. The bank teller I go to always asks what shoes I am wearing and then if I really like them she get a pair. Nothing like being able to convince a very beautiful woman to wear 5" heels!
  12. If you can figure out how to email this woman let me know I would love to give her a quick piece of my mind....
  13. johnieheel the ones I do have are the black leather, the black patent didn't look right to me so I went with the better choice IMHO. I have been wearing them since I bought them and they are very comfortable so far. This does include 4 hours of walking around the mall. So far I havn't had any foot fatigue nor have I had any issues with the strap cutting into my foot. I would definatly recommend them to anyone that wants a good looking heel and comfort at the same time.
  14. I wish I could I was goign to take a few pics in my new shoes but if you read the New Shoe post my camera went swimming......$300 camera too.....blah! http://cgi.ebay.com/Fashion-Designer-High-Heels-SWANSON-BLACK-pumps-13_W0QQitemZ110176849904QQihZ001QQcategoryZ63889QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Are these close to what you have?
  15. That was amusing at best....what woman that has been wearing heels for a good amount of time doesn't know how to avoid some of the things that happened to her?
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