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    I love wearing my business suit with heels, especially boots. I am still very new to this and very young and I am positive that I will end up wearing in public without much problem.

    I also like marrying women's clothes with men's, I.E. boots with business suit, skirt and boots with business shirt and tie, etc.

    In shoes: leather heels or no heels boots, black, brown, grey, etc. knee high or not.

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  1. Hi there, I wear size 11 as well and I never buy in store, amazon only. I have several pairs of Frye boots and clarks that wouldn't be found in stores in those sizes. I am in the Montreal area.
  2. Hi Pierre, What you just said is the main reason I am not afraid to dress the way I want in public anymore. The day society at large can do / like something without needing kim kardashian or some other such useless celebrities to do it first, THEN I might start granting credibility to their judgment on my fashion choices. I never cared much for sheeps' opinions, I don't see why I should in the fashion sphere either.
  3. That's awesome Cali! I'd love to have a friend with whom I can do stuff like that. My girlfriend is not exactly feminine (in this respect). I do have a stunning vietnamese friend but she's very busy so we don't meet often. Keep it up man!!
  4. I wear spectacular OTK leather boots with almost no heel. Then I have other tall boots that are entirely flat. It would appear that so far, they've been appreciated by the community here without needing to be "high heeled". To each his own I say.
  5. Hi Jeremy, May I suggest that you maybe show her that there are other men like you that enjoy fem fashion without becoming a parody of a woman? I am suggesting that because women's opinion are generally very much influenced by "others". For example, women around here used to find men with big beards unnattractive. Then for some reason it became a trend 2-3 years ago (that has since faded out) and lo and behold, most women started finding it "sexy". If by some reason tomorrow most men started wearing heels, most women would object at first and then at some point their perception would change. The bottom line seems to be that if you demonstrate to her that you are not the only man on the face of the earth to enjoy fem fashion (outside of CD / TV / TG communities), she might open up juuuust a little bit more. This is a theory though and you might've already done that, I don't know. Anyway, report back.
  6. For Everybody Let's get to know each other By Firefox, January 5, 2002 in For Everybody Reply to this topic PREV 22 NEXT Page 22 of 22 pebblesf 453 Posted March 24 This is one of the most interesting threads on this site! I ran out of "likes", can only use 20 per day for some reason....I am grateful for this site and all the male heel loving guys I have met here. My confidence still needs work, but has improved 200% since joining this site a few years back. 4 Quote bootedbloo 32 Posted April 7 Name: Bert Age: 45 Gender: M Location: Shanghai Occupation: Finance Height: 175cm Weight: 70 Kg Shoe size: European size 41 What's your favourite heel style: Wearing mainly block heels now for comfort. I only wear the boots with stilettos at home. What's your favourite shoe style: thigh high / OTK boots Do you wear your heels outside: Only to quiet places. What is: (a) Your favourite heel height: 4" ( Your highest heel height: 5" How often do you wear: (a) Your favourite heel height: Whenever I am at home. ( Your highest heel height: Occasionally Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: Thin black socks usually Anything else you wish to add: I have been wearing boots for almost 20 years now but it's only at home I have only started wearing my boots out regularly (about 3-4 times a week) for about a year or so. I want to thank all you guys here especially the regulars like Thighbootguy, JeffB, Mr. X and others for your inspiring mails which has inspired me to wear boots outside. 2 Quote Quote this pebblesf 453 Posted April 8 Very cool indeed! 1 Quote Quote this Thighbootguy 1,126 Posted April 8 Outside is a really cool place to wear tall boots. There is a whole world out there that, for the most part, doesn't care what you have on your feet. Looks like you have been a member for a long time. Do we get a picture any time soon? Enjoy your boots. 2 Quote Quote this bootlover78 17 Posted April 9 Name: Bootlover Age: 39 Gender: M Location: Florida Occupation: Full Time Bootlover Height: 5'8" Weight: Above Average Shoe size: US 10 mens, but 11 womens for some reason (the normal recommended 12 is waaay to big) What's your favorite heel style: stiletto What's your favorite shoe style: Thigh boot Do you wear your heels outside: unfortunately only once What is: (a) Your favorite heel height: 5" (b) Your highest heel height: 6" How often do you wear: (a) Your favorite heel height: at least once a week (b) Your highest heel height: rarely Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: hose or stockings only Anything else you wish to add: Im very thankful to have a very supportive wife who occasionally surprises me with new boots. 3 Quote Quote this pebblesf 453 Posted April 11 Where do you live in Florida? Would be cool to meet up for coffee sometime...Don Quote Quote this Cali 476 Posted April 13 Name: Cedric Age: 28 Gender: M Location: Montreal Occupation: Tax attorney Height: 5' 8 Weight: 200 lbs Shoe size: Women's US 11 What's your favourite heel style: Blocks What's your favourite shoe style: tall boots made of high quality leather. Do you wear your heels outside: Always and everywhere What is: Your favourite heel height: 2.5 to 3 Your highest heel height: 4 How often do you wear: Your favourite heel height: Everyday Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: Socks. Hose are reserved for skirts in fall and winter.
  7. Here are our little girls: Pixel the greenwinged macaw; Bisou the Congo african grey; and Pepotte the Eclectus.
  8. It's my bad bnchmrk. I am the one that assumed you had a stance and came forward preemptively with that position. HappyinHeels assumed something that I wrote with regard to you and indeed, at no time did you confirm or agree with what I had written. Now, let's all be friends here. There aren't so much of us out there so It'd be cool if we could get along as much as possible. Thank you for the compliments HappyinHeels. Most Canadians do not dislike Québec, but rather its government. I hate it very much too. But as bnchmrk pointed, let's keep the discussion on fashion rather than on politics. I see you are in Wisconsin, are in Madison or Milwaukee?
  9. Hi Jim:) Aren't you tired of the weather being in the 20s degrees celcius?? I want to wear my boots dammit. By the way, you are from Quebec? I am not far from you - Saint Constant, a little town near Candiac and Brossard:P I'll PM you, this is too good to pass up.
  10. I must second Shyheels here. I would never have shown my true color if I wasn't sure I was rock solid enough to end up venturing in my field on my own. When it comes to dealing with fellow humans, I believe that one should steer clear of high principles and the "how it should be in a civilized world". One should in my opinion keep to the facts. The fact is that what gets you in a door is rarely talent alone. The interviewer won't even be aware of the deep motivations that makes them choose you or another. I also do not do it with clients either. They don't pay me to see me be myself. They pay me because they believe I will meet their expectations - all or pretty much all of them.
  11. Hi everyone, I have two pairs of women's Ariat York riding boots for sale. Please follow that link for the product description - http://www.ariat.com/YORK_W_FOO.html I have barely taken them outside since they are too small for my calves. These are flats and easily concealable under suit pants / jeans. I have two versions - Black with Cordovan band and brown with black band. They normally retail for US$ 260. I am asking CA$ 120 for each. I'll ship anywhere in the world, provided the buyer pays for the shipping. Thanks!
  12. People in general seem to reflect your own mindset back to you. If you are confident, most don't even seem to bas an eyelid. Now to get that confidence, I agree we have to start somewhere and Vegas would seem like a pretty good place for it. The Campus boot is a great one. I actually ordered my Claras OTK in black today (it's a miracle, since they had been backordered for quite some times now). Boots over Levi's are great. Levis are the jeans I wear almost all the time. I have 711s, 714, 311s, 314s and one pair of 315. Go at your own pace. However do report back so that we may encourage your efforts. Same thing goes for you Shyheels, I do not believe masculinity has anything to do with your clothes but more with your confidence. I'd be ready to swear on that one.
  13. Hi Bnchmrk, It's a pleasure to meet a fellow Canadian as well:) In which town / province do you reside? Don't worry, even though I am a ''Quebecois'', I hate PQ and do not want to separate from this marvelous country;) PM me if you ever wish to discuss this issue. I know and understand that the other provinces are fed up of our b********, and so am I. I don't believe wives will have issues in the long run if husbands remain masculine in their attitude and character. I am glad she is ok with it too. Do you have any galeries so that I may see what your outfits look like? Hi Don, Firstly, you are completely right when you speak about being careful as far as your career is concerned. It is a fine example of manliness to put one's desires second to one's family. I will never dispute nor look down on fellow men that realize these restriction may apply to their particular case. They'll have all my encouragements nonetheless, and there's at least one mirror in each of their home, so there's no way they can't put outfits together and then share the results they obtain with the community:D Also, you will be very happy to learn that I too wear US size 11 and that I did not have any trouble finding my Fryes at very good price points in size 11. What should make it harder for me to find some is the fact that I usually need the bigger calf version. Still, it wasn't hard at all. I buy them all on amazon. I would never go in store because (1) the prices will be much higher and (2) there's not much stores that keep size 11 in stock, let alone in extended calf versions. PM me and I'll send you a couple of links. There's an easy way to search for them in your size and I will gladly help you if you need me to. So far, I have: Frye - Melissa Tab in Redwood extended; Frye - Clara OTK in redwood extended; Frye - Paige in black (pull on version); Clarks - Malia Skylar in black; Ariat - York in cordovan and black; and Ariat - York in light brown and black. Sadly, the Ariats will need to go because the shaft is too tight for me (14.5 inches). Let me know if I can assist you:)
  14. By doing this, you are more of a real man than any other men around you. Most men are afraid to death to be associated with anything considered feminine (that is without saying that most people fall apart at the idea of being disapproved by their peers). That is how frail they feel in their manhood. You good sir, on the other hand - and this applies to all fellow men here - are being real pioneers by daring to say "I want that too". I salute the courage women once had when they first ditched the dresses and skirts, even though they had an excuse to do so because they took up men's work while they were out at war. And you fellow men, without any "excuse" for doing so, you ditch the pants and low shoes and don skirts, tights, high heel shoes and other fashions deemed female. If that is not courage, if that is not manly, then I truly don't know what is. So keep it up, I am sure you've done a hell of a good job with your nails, too! You'll always count me on your side:) I wouldn't dare say so. However I do thank you for the compliment:) It took a lot of work to become positive and giving. It involved giving to myself first. Giving myself the right to be me. As said above, we are all pioneers and we ought to be damn proud of that, each and everyone of us:)
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