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  1. Corset girl, amazing legs, stunning heels, and a corset and body that if I had, I would not EVER be able to leave the house! Sooooo delicious!!

  2. Amazing! If I had a body and legs like you, I don't think I could ever leave the house! Thank you...

  3. Hi corsetgirl, Your shoes in the avitar look great. Can you tell me who makes them ? Your pictures are truly Beautiful.

  4. Do you do facebook? If so look me up Sheryl Wilson

  5. What is your non-corsetted waist size. I used to be a 24 and laced to a 22 and really wanted to get to a 20 but now age and lack of excercise has changed that

  6. I love those oxfords in your pic. Do you wear them out a lot and how high are they?

  7. Wow, just love this picture and heels of course.keep up the good stuff!

  8. Stunning pictures. What is your corset usage like? What is your regular waist and corsetted size. I was tight laced for years but have not done it for years.

  9. Hi, I've been a fan of your blogspot blog for a long time, happy to see you there as well! regards!

  10. Corsetgirl you are a vision of class and beauty.... Amazing pics!

  11. Love your pics. I'm very much a fan of corsets, and love to wear them.

  12. here are some pics of my newest heels - 6 inch black patent leather stilettos from pleaser shoes (domina series). i wear them with my (also new) fishnet stockings with a lace seam. love this combination - its a real eycatcher
  13. corsetgirl


    i like oxfords a lot - own 3 pairs of them. and it seems like oxford style high heels become fameous again. at least you see a lot of different oxfords in various shoe-shops in the last few month. here is a blogentry with a few pics of me wearing 6inch oxfords from pleaser: http://higherheel.blogspot.com/2011/01/6inch-black-high-heels-and-black.html
  14. Very stylish pics. You've rekindled my joy of corsets. Now I just have to remember where I hid my 20" Vollers 4002U!

  15. yes - i love strappy sandals. but i love ankle straps in general . this for example are one of my favorite shoes.
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