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  1. I stumbled across the site and decided to check out if you guys were still here I haven't been here for a while, but it's not because I don't wear heels anymore, because I do it whenever I can. I even tried it at work. I even wrote a song. You might get a kick out of it No mans land
  2. Pumps


    Any male heelers on Instagram I should follow? I recently started to show off my heels on Instagram. Been doing it on Facebook for years, but Instagram is somewhat more public Mine: https://www.instagram.com/steenelm/
  3. I certainly found SF a better place than LA to wear heels as a guy, when it comes to reactions.
  4. I'm in Los Angeles right now and I'm surprised about the difference in selections in the various stores. On store didn't even have any womens shoes in size 12, while others just have sad selection. I made the journey out to Westfield in Culver City and that was the best I'd been too. Bought 3 pairs as I have no more room in my suitcase for more than that. Male salesclerk was pretty cool about it .
  5. I had no issues wearing 4" stiletto heels seversl occasions in Paris.
  6. I might be going to Toronto if a certain musical gets it's world premier there.
  7. By the way, the respons on Twitter for the commercial is really good -There is just something in seeing men in heels. Yes. Looovely. - I agree! And I have a bit of a thing for men in heels, so here's hoping dudes get into it -I am so here for the death-dropping/men in heels in the Axe commercials -an axe commercial supporting men in heels? ? ? ? nice -MEN IN HEELS IS MY FAVE THING OMG HELP -The AXE commercial with the men in heels gives me life! -Men in heels literally give me so much life -I love men in heels. Fuck. -just saw an axe commercial featuring men in heels and drag queens we are progressing people!!!!! -CAN WE PLEASE MAKE MEN IN HEELS A THING -Something about men in heels... why do I like this so much? There's a few negative, but mostly positive
  8. No sure I agree with that. People notice and people care, but very few of them will do it to your face and rarely you a hard time. I wear both pumps and boots a lot and while people DO notice, I rarely get any response. I think most people think it's a bit embarrasing, that a man would go around in heels, so you need to not care what people think and that's easier said than done.
  9. No, but remember how the media reacted to Sarcozy's "heels" ? They were even lower.
  10. I always wondered how a heeled man in politics would go down... http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jan/06/marco-rubio-high-heeled-cute-boots-mocked
  11. Yup , I have those,too. They're pretty comfortable.
  12. Yes, I bought them in NYC in november and wore them to a show the same evening meeting a lot of people I knew, out to dinner the day after and shopping the next day, where I received a few "nice shoes". I have also been wearing them shopping around here and when I went to vote last month. I like them so much that I have a hard time keeping them off my feet. I bough the same style in black patent earlier this year in San Francisco and liked the fit so much I wore them all the way home.. I'm not crazy about black patent, though, so I was happy to get these, too.
  13. They're 3" and they match pretty well with what I normally wear, so in that sense they're a pretty good choice. It doesn't look half bad.My coworkers know about my passion for heels and one of them have been wearing pumps a lot because I appreciate it, but I don't think any of them have any idea that I like to wear them too.One of the coworker told one of our new employees about my passion and hurried to add "... not in the sense that he wears them himself,". I was so close to say "how do you know that ?".
  14. I have been wondering whether or not I would like to wear heels to work, so today, when the company was supposed to be closed, I did just that. I was counting on nobody else being there but I could not be sure, so it was a bit nerve wrecking. I had to change briefly for the TNT guy, but other than that I did the whole day in these: They're so comfortable and I'm sure now that if I could I WOULD wear these to work, but I'm just not sure of the reaction.
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