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  1. Once again your photos are amazing. I agree with Heelster, I wish I could work in your office.
  2. Black, pointed toe with a 4-5 inch heel with ankle strap.
  3. I agree with jerbare, I like the style but not the shiny patent look.
  4. Just wondering with Father's Day appoaching is any expecting or asked to receive a pair of heels as a gift or are planning to treat themselves to a new pair?
  5. hhl4vr

    I Told Her!

    Congrats Gallux, That is a major step forward and hope things go well. It gives me hope that maybe one day it may be possible for others like me to tell our wifes.
  6. I would also fall into the 80's metal group Welcome to Jungle - Guns & Roses Living on a Prayer -Bon Jovi You shock me all night long-ACDC and for some reason I always liked Rock me Amedeus -Falco (not sure if spelled right)
  7. Yes I agree those heels and stockings look great.
  8. No my wife has no knowledge and I dare not tell her. High heels has been a huge issue between us and I keep the site as well as my heels to myself in secret. I actually only visit the site while at work. I found this topic interesting as it shows me how others handle the topic with thier significant others.
  9. Well said ILK...I totally agree .... I do not often have much to say as I like to think I'm still learning. I first joined this site as it was such a wonderful support system for me. It helped me lean about myself and come to terms that I was just a guy whom love high heels and how to deal with that in today's world. You made me feel as part of a group and that I was not alone in what I was going through. Thanks to your support, I have been able to get great advice and have been able to go out in public on a few occasions. I still watch where and when I go and I still take precaution as still an issue between my wife and I (but that is another topic for another day).... I did not join this site to "fit" in as a women or learn how to be a women. I imagine that one can go somewhere else for that. It may seem like I'm rambling and sorry if I'm not making sense but this site should continue to be about High Heels and be there to continue to help others like myself that need support to get over the hump that it's ok to be a man who wear heels.
  10. hhl4vr

    I Did It!

    Great job, as having only worn heels out in public for the first time in the past year -it gets easier and your confidence will build.
  11. Congrats luvnheels....it must be such a great feeling that she has accepted. I too agree do not break her rules. You have completed a huge step forward. For me it's nice to hear and gives me some hope that my partner may one day accept me with heels too.
  12. I too have thrown out many pairs (somwhere close to 20 pairs) just to go out an purchase new ones. I find that since joining this site about 15 months ago, I have not thrown out any pairs. I still sometimes get that guilty feeling and ask myself the WHY? but have come more to terms that I'm just a guy that loves to wear heels. Still a huge issue between my wife so still have to 'heel' in secret (but that another topic for another day)....
  13. Congrats hiheellover23 on the engagement and the public outing. Glad everything went well and you are lucky that your fiancee is supportive of your heels.
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