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  1. To small is one thing but to big is horrible especially with really high heels
  2. Ya that is totally true the better stuff they adjust the heel height to match ur foot size but cheaper stuff doesnt so there way steeper in my size then most of urs
  3. There kew but more like something my bf would wear?
  4. My boyfriend has those same boots!!!! Usually when I get thru security n some other usually older lady sees me putting my heels back I get the OMG hunny how can you wear heels that high comment LOL The last time I flew the security guy asked me if i was tip toeing cuz I was afraid to get my feet dirty n I just smiled at him n was like yaaaaaaaaaaaa LOL
  5. LOL I get asked everyday OMG hunny how can you walk in those LOL
  6. My friend lives in Denver I'll forward this to him
  7. OMG it is the exact opposite for me!!! Superarch heels are like made for my feet and are a perfect fit!!
  8. I can walk in mine just fine and there fun to wear to dinner here n there just for fun
  9. Hows this working? I wouldnt mind a few more pairs of Leatherworks heels!!
  10. I buy from italianheels a good bit but sometimes netaporter i don't usually buy anything from saks or nordstroms since there pricing is always really expensive A guy I know made a gun on one of those 3d printer thingys and just the fact that you can do that is like WOW!!!!! Print me some heels!! hehe
  11. White pants rock! Do pumps but def dont wear hose or even socks ew!
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