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  1. great looking avitar, love red and black heels.

  2. Hey man, where've you been? It's almost a year since you last joined us and we're missing your positive comments and news about you and heels.

  3. We are only six weeks away from what is beginning to shape up as a fun, well attended High Heel/Boot Meet in Toronto; Friday and Saturday September 10 & 11, 2010. See "Real Life Meetings thread, Toronto, ON Heel Meet Sept 10/11, 2010" for all the details. Hope to see many many of the North America members there! David

  4. Hey Scott, not sure where you've been or if you'll get this but I hope you're doing well and will return soon. Jim

  5. Scott, haven't chat with you in a while. Send over a note when you can hope all is well. Get back to me. Jen.

  6. Hay, comon man, you can't disappear on us. We all need your inspiration.

  7. I don't know about these being easier to walk in than Screams. I got my replacements, and they (Screams), to me, are easier than these to walk in (thought not by much)...
  8. I bet I would, I just really haven't yet save some passers by while driving...
  9. I'm afraid they actually measure over 7" (closer to 7.5")...and they are tough for even the best of heelers to walk in...
  10. Usually, when I wore heels into work there, they were more of the usual 4-5" heights. I usually wore them in on Fridays. I bragged how I could walk in 7" heels, and was told to "prove it"...LOL Yeah, she normally wears 4" or so heels, so the usual talk of "how could you wear them all day?" came up. Other co-workers too. Considering she tried them on (same size as I am), she couldn't walk in them.
  11. Or, you could just go to work in your higher heels...
  12. I'm 3 hours out from Albany, but that weekend (15th-16th) I'll be at an event in Massena. Any other weekend I'd be game...
  13. I am confused as to how this poll pertains to this site.
  14. Lots of heel flex helps me to walk in them, but they just don't quite fit my left foot at the ball of the foot somehow...
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