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    Mr. X's travels

    It's time to report on another outing. It also marks the second straight outing for me in a dress! The weather has been quite good lately. Today the temperature reached near 30 degrees! I was planning on going out already. The weather was just the icing on the cake! My outfit came together rather easily. I like the simplicity of wearing dresses. A dress and some shoes, plus a bag and some jewellry, and you are good to go! I grabbed my laptop and headed out. I went to my usual spot. The outing was rather boring and went off without a hitch. Based on the weather it was deader than normal. So lets just get to the outfit and pics. The Outfit 1) Jessica brand multicolor floral print dress 2) George brand thong style sandals 3) Aldo brand black with gold accents purse
  2. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Here I go again Folks. And this time it's a big one! Taking a cue from @JeffB and some others I did an outing in a dress! Yes, a dress! Now I own several of them. and I have even tried on and purchassed them in stores. But to the best of my knowledge I have never worn one out for any length of time. It has just been a thing I wear around the house from time to time as they can be quite comfortable. Not to mention how cool and light and airy they can be. The weather was quite nice and sunny today. So it provided the perfect opprtunity to get out in a dress. I pretty knew what I was wearing as I tend to put outfits together when I buy new pieces. That way it saves me time when I actually go out wearing them. Once I had my outfit on I headed out the door laptop in tow. The sun was shining and beating down. i managed to stay cool though because of my dress and the amount of skin I was showing. I headed off to my usual spot for an outing. The outing itself went off without a hitch. At no point during the outing did the world come to an end based on what I was wearing. In fact, it went a a little too good! Based on the weather outside the place was less busy than usual. My chances for interaction and to be seen were a lot less than normal based on the quietness of the place. The only bonus was that it was some kind of happy hour and the beverage I purchased was half off! So after one beverage and a couple of hours of internet surfing later, I headed home. It was a small outing but I enjoyed every second of it! My only minor complaint was the busyness or lack thereof. I was hoping for some kind of interactions but it was a great outing none the less! Oh well, there is always next time right? I will defintely be doing more outings in summer attire, weather permitting And that includes shorts dresses and skirts. Now for what I wore! The Outfit 1) g21 brand red cork and wood wedges 2) Kismet brand black and floral dress with built in waist acccent 3) Aldo brand black purse
  3. Mr. X


    I have been looking for a pair of black flats. Might have to check those out if they still sell em.
  4. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Eastern Canada, no! Eastern Time Zone, yes! More power to @JeffB But I have A hard enough time documenting my outings. I don't want to add more work for myself lol Plus I go on outings that I don't document. So all my numbers would be off anyhow! "Thanks for posting!" How about thanks for reading and commenting on my little corner of this site @HappyinHeels. I don't post for thank yous but ill take em! I post to hopefully inspire newbies like I was once. I wouldn't be near where I am today if it wasn't for this site and some of the veterans here who inspired me and influenced my style. So if even one person reads my thread and decide to venture out in the world wearing a pair of heels then that is all the thanks I need! So thank you!
  5. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Today I had aother outing. A double outing of sorts. That makes 3 outings this week! 4 depending on how you count today. I got up and the weather was already nice outside. The sun was shining and I new it would be a hot one today, By lunch time we were already into the 20's for temperature. I had to run some errands and do some window shopping so I turned it into an outing. With the weather the way it was I knew I would be wearing shorts. I put my outfit together and was out the door. I needed a few groceries, so off I went for stop number 1. On sundays all the checkouts are open so the cashiers are less busy than usual. As I was walking down an aisle I recognized one of the cashiers waiting by her till. She is an older lady. The last time she saw me there she caught me leaving to tell me she adored the shoes I was wearing. Now here we go again! She wasn't busy so she came down the aisle to me. She asked me if my shoes were another bargain find? I told her I thought they were. Then she told me my whole look today was awesome! That was a nice unexpected way to start off my day. I finished buying what I came for and left. The thrift sotre I frequent is only blocks away from where I was so headed over there. I noticed the parking lot was alot fuller than usual. Then I remembered they were having 50% off today! I was going regadless but that was a nice added bonus! I was in there a good while because the place was packed. It was worth it thought. I walked out with a pair of shorts, 2 skirts, and a dress. All for just under $20! And I will definitely be using theses items on future outings. And now for the second part of my outings. I got home around lunch time. After having a bite to eat I decided I was going to get on my bicycle and go for a ride. So I thought hell, why not make an outing out of that as well! I was still dressed from the earlier outing anyhow. The only changes I made were to downsize my bag, and put on some shoes that were "pedal worthy". Once I was ready I grabbed my bike and headed off! I took the 5 minute or so bike ride to our local marina. It has plenty off pathways throughout, for all the walkers and bikers and such that frequent the area. With the weather the way it was the place had a good amount of people today. I biked around the area stopping a few times along the way. I sat on a few benches to take in the lake and all the boats on it. I t also gave me a chance to people watch and to bask in the suns rays. After I felt I had had enough of the sun I head home. I t was a very peacful and enjoyavle couple of outings. And if weather permits I may just go on some more rides. Or at least go there to walk around in some summery outfits. I enjoued my outdoor outing just as much as my indoor outings! Outfit 1 1) Jessica brand black t-shirt 2) Boom Boom brand denim shorts 3) george brand black sandals 4) tan colored handbag Outfit 2 1) Jessica brand black t-shirt 2) Boom Boom brand denim shorts 3) Ardene brand white gladiator style sandals 4) small tan colored crossbody bag
  6. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    The contents of my bag varies depending on where I'm going and what I'm doing. But my wallet keys and cell phone are always in there.
  7. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Here I go again! This marks the second outing this week! That might be a reord for me or something. The weather was quite warm today. So another outing in shorts was in order. I knew I was going out tonight but the Stanley Cup was on too. so I put my outfit together last night to save some time. I have been told a time or I have nice legs. I love Summer because I get to show them off! If you got em, flaunt em! Once dressed I headed to my favorite spot on outings. The place was somewhat busy so I was definitely out on display. And I was showing a fair amount of skin too. Despite all that, everything went off without a hitch! I was actually hoping for something. But I guess nothing negative is just as good! While I was there a younger attractive women came in. She was dressed nice and had a great pair of heels on. I told her I liked her shoes! She thanked me and that was that. I was hoping it would have turned into more conversation but I'll take what I can get. After a bit of internet browsing I headed home to watch the game. The Outfit 1) g:21 brand red with wood and cork wedges 2) Zoo Jeans brand shorts 3) Cable and Gauge brand black sleeveless top 4) Aldo brand black with gold accents purse
  8. I just bought them I haven't worn them yet.
  9. I have a few candidates but these are my latest. When I first saw these I got the impression that these are shoes a women would wear as part of an easter outfit. That or they would wear them to church. I fell in love Immediately! The $10 price tag didn't hurt either! The brand is Unforgetable Moments. They are actually bridal shoes and women would wear them to a wedding. Especially brides to be. And the fact that I got them used means there is a very good chance some women got married in them. Nothing more girly than that!
  10. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Here I go again! I had a few errands to run. But the Stanley Cup Final was on tonight, so I had to make it quick. Even My outfit was put together rather quickly. And it was what I deemed "quick running errands casual". The kind of outfit you would wear to the grocery store and the like. I got dressed quickly and was out the door. I did my errands and then headed to my usual internet spot. After and hour or so I headed home to watch the hockey game. The whole outing was short and went off without a hitch as usual. The Outfit 1) Ardene brand gladiator style jeweled white flats 2) Old Navy Rockstar whitish grey pants 3) Old Navy blue t-shirt 4) Fortuna Valentino yellow purse
  11. Love the shoes NEHeels! I'm envious!
  12. Interesting. The dentist hadn't occured to me. Not sure I would do it! I'm not "ou"t really to anyone. So that would be a little too familiar.
  13. That is quite a collection highheeldude!
  14. Here is my latest purchase. They are Ivanka Trump Carra snakeskin pumps in gold. The heel measures 4.5" and they are super comfortable to wear. I got them in a thrift store for a measly $15! They are in mint condition. They were probably worn 2 times at the most.
  15. I like both pairs of heels balletboot
  16. If this is an addiction then I need to be commited! But seriously, there are far worse thing I could be addicted to or spend my money on.
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