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  1. Well…. The short answer to that is where my feet take me. But to answer your question you wanna be in business area's if you wanna see more heel's around you. The funny part is if you want to not be seen i generally found the more crowded a place is the less people seem to notice, or at least visibly notice i'm in heels. In general it's very clear to me that the world is becoming more open minded. I haven't had a bad reaction from anyone in years and the younger generations are very interested and often ask questions.
  2. Heya Peep's! Ive been inactive in here since 2014 i belive it was. Im now back though. Reason i stopped was a combination of many things, One major thing being i was getting abit social aggressive towards everyone basicly due to life's events. So i basicly withdrew from more or less all social activities for quite a while. Basicly i ended up more or less completely reinventing my self. Ive never stopped loving high heel's though and im still a dayli wearer and still with my supporting girlfriend. So im gonna spend some time catching up with things. Br,
  3. Hi, I do strongly belive in order for you to get som response on this one you should come with some ideas of what you had in mind. Location? Home? Goign Out? Etc. Theme if any? that sort of stuff.
  4. No doubt they will be worn on general basis and tried on when she receives it. For her going out without a corset is going out naked which is quite funny since only few years ago she considered them bedroom only. Rockpup corset's are her domain only, they are not for me. I stick with heel's.
  5. Just placed 3 orders for my GF's birthday present. See below attachments.
  6. See Megan. I have developed a quite big hate towards all kind of advertizing over the years. it's spammed massivly over the internet, And popup's ohh the damn popups. And they cant even give me an add in a read able language. See this example wich is copy paste from this site. It's Finish and i dont speak that language. Dont have interest in the products in it either. Lapsettomuus Lapsettomuushoitojen edelläkävijä Autamme luontoa onnistumaan www.felicitas.fi Kesän kengät 2013 - Nelly Löyda ihanat kesäkengät netistä. Summer Sale 50-70% off. www.Nelly.com/Kengät Stockmannin ALE –40 % Tule ALE-ostoksille verkkokauppaan! Tilaa nopeasti parhaat päältä. Stockmann.com/ALE–40-% But there is a new trend spreading even though i doubt it will ever become a big trend wich is people not purchasing items they have seen on add's. I also doubt that will decrease the amount of add's. I dont know what hosting solution they are using for this site and there for dosen't know the price but it cant be that much. I am truly convinced that if tech gives us the option to donate he will get more funding that way than add's can ever give him, but that will be up to him. And you say the one's that irritate or offend you. Well they all iritate me tbh. I know i come off like a huge idiot here but im truly not. My missing skill in English limits the word's i have available and i have 5 other forums i use about the same amount as this one where i have a automatic monthly donating thing setup, I would be happy to do that here aswell. Br. Sim.
  7. Yeah seen those aswell. Just posted the best one
  8. Im gona be honest here, I do block add's and i will keep on doing so. I run 3 website's for wich none of them has a single add on them as it's something i personaly hate to extreme's. My 3 websites gave a profit for Q1 of just above 4000 EURO's, Dunno what thats is in £. For me Add's = Virus = Bad = must be gone. As some other user's have said. I would be happy to Donate to keep this site going. Have looked for the options a few times but didnt find it. So give me the option to donate and i will do it. Not because i feel i have to but because i want to help keeping such a usefull site going. But i do not wanna do it trough add's. Add's are destroying the internet. I vote for less add's higher user pay.
  9. I must say my favorite shot of a celeb in heels would be this oneSimple and classic. (Could a moderate pls edit this post and do line breaks? Ive messed up some keybindings so i cant do it my self right now.).
  10. Hey Ya'll. I have a pair of 5inch pumps with a 1inch platform that has a metal heel. I would like this replaced and prob with a chunky type heel. What do i need to be aware of before changing the heel if anything? Also i havent found a place yet that i can get a heel from so might end up making it my self. I know i can get this done at a profesional place but for once id like to try and not outsource it. Br. Sim.
  11. Let us know if you managed to get them. In that store i would have asked for another sales person.
  12. This was the last place id expect people to not be open minded. Open minded about shoes yes. Other things no. I can understand german thats no problem. I know most of the northern european languages so that part was never the issue here. I must admit that i find the fact the people started writing german in this post quite condescending considering the subject. But it dosent matter. Il find a place where i can discuss this with people who wont make fun of me for something i find to be a serious issue atleast for me. So thx for nothing.
  13. This is not meant to be insulting or anything but just a general question. Im involved with several types of forums and online games and im starting to see quite alot that you have a topic going fine in english for multiple pages and then all of the sudden someone comes writing in german. Also in games and stuff you talk in english and someone reply's in german. Anyone knows what is up with this because it's starting to get anoying. I dont hate germans or anything but that dosent mean i wanna read their language when i was writting in another. Br, Sim.
  14. As a IT support i strongly advise people to think ahrd before going to windows 8. In the current state windows 8 has quite some issue so if your rush to egt win 8 now you must be aware that it has several bugs that no one can help you with at the moment.
  15. Defenently worth the pain in my opinion. By choosing to wear high heel we accept at the same time we hurt our body and the same goes with pointy toes. I prefer pointy toes but have some round ones aswell
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