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  1. Hey I left you a message, it's so cool to see french girls on here!

  2. Studying Product Design. I think creative people in fashion, design, architecture are passionate superficial and materialistic people (It's not so wrong, really). They are also people who don't fit in standard roles and chose to be in an artistic field as it gives them more freedom. Maybe you see a corolation between what I'm writing and heels wearing, or maybe you don't. I do.
  3. Noway, I hate pointy shoes. I like them round
  4. I'm in Brighton, I'd be up for this but I don't have transport so I'll suggest brighton for a heel meet. Besides, it's pretty "liberated" here.
  5. My panties are not on show anyway. lol
  6. Thanks, but err... ...Where do you see my panties?
  7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/emy21/2230937544/ Here is one of the rare pics of me in heels, but feel free to browse my other non-heel pics too. Comments are welcome and apreciated. I've got my eye on some HH shoes from clarks so I should have more to show you in two weeks time, just waiting for my paycheck... Oh yeah, my thing is to crossover gender boundaries (I'm not a man in heels, nor a woman, nor a transexual, nor a drag queen or maybe I'm a melting pot of all these concepts with a bit of personal seasoning), I guess that's the case of many in here but there are haters everywhere so turn away if you think what I do is stupid.
  8. Ah, my significant other and I went to the miller at noon. Because we didn't know if we would make it, we didn't confirm our arrival. Anyway, we just wanted to see other wearers by curiosity so had a peek through the window. Unfortunatly, we felt quite uncomfortable and left. Why didn't you open the terrasse ? It was a nice day (cold, I know but bright). Oh well maybe next time.
  9. Anyone in brighton would like to meet up ?
  10. I may be attending, oh and by the way, I'm new here, so hello everyone.
  11. Well I am in london but I would need some convincing to come to this event. I would also need a good pair of heels for the occasion as anything I own is either flat or too girly.
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