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  1. thanks, yes they are very comfortable, can wear them all day. my favourite pair of shoes i own
  2. My entry, Leather skirt paired with my Pigalle 120's Same skirt but with my jimmy choo boots
  3. Went to Paris about a year ago and spent the whole day in my 4 inch block heel boots, noticed one look but that was it. Go for it!
  4. thanks, i try to practice every day, not always possible due to work. they are 5 1/2 inch high and only had them 3 years. will carry on as i am!
  5. Congrats! Although I am not a big fan of open toe boots, the design is really cool! And I can also very much relate to you trying to hunt them down - I've had similar experiences with things that I saw somewhere which I desparately wanted to have. At 14 cm in heel height with no platform - are you actually going to wear these or are these more like an art object (owning a piece art and being able to look at it is also quite pleasureable)? -- I've some boots from Alexander Wang which I also bought from the outnet, which I can definitely not walk in, but they are still a piece of art... thanks, i am goona try to learn to walk in them, they are quite sturdy and comfortable. they are beautiful to look at too, probably my second favourite pair, my Louboutin Pigalle's being my first
  6. hey guys/gals some advice really about walking in heels, my walk seems to end up being one foot in front of the other most of the time, am i doing this correct?? your advice is needed...
  7. Was browsing the online shops, and on 'the outnet' i found these with 50% off!. I saw a girl wearing them whilst i was in a hotel in Italy and been trying to hunt them down. By luck they appeared and got the last pair. Had to buy them!. They are by Giuseppe Zanotti They are called 'Alien' Size 42, True to size the heel measures 140mm (no platform)
  8. http://hhplace.org/gallery/image/2383-mini-skirt-and-ysl-boots/ only have pics with boots on
  9. thanks guys size 42 boots are a rare find they would be a us 12
  10. Haven't bought and shoes/boots for a while, so I'd thought I would treat myself to a pair of Jimmy Choo knee high boots (supposed to be over the knee,but I've long legs). They are made of really soft leather, very comfortable with a 5 and a bit inch heel and a small platform. Shall be wearing these a lot once I have worn them in.
  11. thanks, not too much, they were 40 % off.
  12. i'm after the daffodile, bianca and so kate, hard to find in size 42
  13. Managed to grab a couple of pairs in the Christmas sales, size 42 is hard to find in designer land! Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes & Christian Louboutin Sandals. Both have 160mm heels. sorry bout the quality of photos.. happy new year to all!!
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