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  1. I'm also looking for a K5BO7 black patent thigh boots (size uk9.5 to uk10) from leatherworks of London (also called Y1 by Skyscrapers ebay seller). both sky-scrapers.co.uk and laszivo.de do not offer anymore boots from leatherworks of London except from last stock the still have. even good leather Italian boots do not look like those and the feeling of the foot is quite different in those fairly old fashion shape short pointed toes soles from leatherworks of London. it's a pity and should anyone whish to attempt starting again leatherworks of London business, then, I would be welcome by boot lovers !...
  2. very nice drawings indeed a real hommage to heels splendor most of your boots are very pointy ones, italian style, I love them all

  3. I love most of your thighboots and feel similar style. I also do appreciate your poster: "stand out from the crowd!"

  4. wow now that are some of the most awesome boots i have seen. envy...

  5. No thanks, at least heels same (black, red, ...) color than shoes, but as for me, best is with different complementary color: say black heels with red sole (italian) or bright metal heels on colored shoes (Pleaser). this way, you increase nice looking of heels by contrasting them whith soles.
  6. Great profile pic! I love it.

  7. sorry Dr Shoe and Boots4Me, I first caught a glimpse to the pict on a small screen then didn't catch the details of this marvelous boot at first. actually, I did not find same design on ebay link : "1969-italia-boutique" seller http://stores.ebay.fr/1969-Italia-Boutique_1969_W0QQ_dmdZ1QQ_fsubZ211344119QQ_sidZ87149869QQ_sopZ3QQ_trksidZp4634Q2ec0Q2em14QQ_vcZ1?_trksid=p4634.c0.m14.l1513&_pgn=1 even among its 281 quality items wearing "1969" trade mark (may this 1969 model no more on the market?...) I found a certain Dick Withttington with a wrong ebay link to §1300 black pair on http://www.chictopia.com/heelsdeals1 http://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/235447-DICK+WHITTINGTON-1969-boots then another with 1969 knees boots on http://www.flickr.com/photos/secretodeamor1/3980160489/ but nowhere to buy these boots. there is a classic western Italian film named "boot hill" (1969), may be there is a link with the origin of this trade mark, I will watch it then tell you what's on...
  8. Course I do agree with you guys, about care we normally do and must offer to proper good quality calf thighboots we all love to wear as to see!... my purpose concerned just an original feeling I only tried with light soft stretch low price pullon chinees patent thightboots, I obviously would'nt dare to ruin my real boot collection! Hope this detail to better clarify my purpose to all of you.
  9. thanks for the link, I do join your group !...

  10. Gorgeous Boots! Join the "Boots" group here...see our profile for the link. David & Cathy

  11. I do wear thigh high boots mostly on evenings nights and sometimes on Week ends, even for walks in forest (preferably 4" heels) or even riding bicycle (5" heels are not a problem), just remind you are wearing them when you stop and get off the bike, if not you'l feel something surprinsing when reaching the road level (quite a tremendous experience, catching a glimpse to the face of people looking at you driving that way!...)
  12. i do agree, and would add if you look by the way at a woman to see what footwear she's wearing, then you're probably into shoe fetish, and a 100% chance the shoes you like are heels.
  13. same problem whith creating an hole under Throttle pedal. Then I wouldn't like needing rushing out of my car wearing black lack tall crotch thigh boots and trying to solve a light traffic accident with another driver discovering that. So I often wear pants over my boots when driving...
  14. as for me I'm 170 and dont mind at all about height: wearing thigh boots with 5" heels give me a great pleasure in itself without any link to tallness. Should I look for feeling myself taller, then I would wear tall platform under my flat man shoes. I think high heels to be much more than just a question of height, it's quite a deep feeling pleasure!....
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