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  1. I've been obsessed with these for a while, but I've never been able to find what I think they are. Any suggestions?
  2. I would absolutely love to know how these two pairs of boots came into existence. Any takers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6wR2kIfZlY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwXqh4bl6RM These could easily be custom made, so I don't expect anyone to recognize them. Just curious!
  3. I actually just found your explanation in the other forum, it was very informative. Thanks!
  4. Can anyone attest to the arch quality difference between a custom made pair of 6 inch heels from, say, 6ihf, and your regular Pleaser 6 inchers? Does anyone own both? Clearly there's a quality difference, but I'm wondering if the difference is more in materials & durability than functionality. I myself top out around 5.5'', but I'm wondering if 6'' would be achievable through superior quality. Thoughts?
  5. Alix


    Unfortunately you cannot send a message to a facebook page, only a facebook profile. Probably just going to spam them with emails until they respond. Six months is insanity.
  6. Alix


    I've tried, at least.
  7. Alix


    Um, alright. But I don't think waiting five months for something is justifiable, especially without responses. I'm just chalking it up as a major mistake purchase. Buyer Beware, as they say.
  8. Alix


    I guess "customer service" varies by culture... Five months and counting
  9. Alix


    Perhaps a PM on this site would be more direct.
  10. I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with this site, so I'm wondering if this might be a shared experience: I placed an order with them back in November (from the US) and have heard very little from since then about it, despite a bunch of emails. I'm pretty bummed because it was a $170 purchase that I'm pretty sure I won't see again. Purchases like these aren't eligible for refund via Paypal, or so I've been told. Anyone else have trouble with these people/feel like they've been scammed?
  11. That's what I thought, but the heels on the right seem... cheaper? I don't know. It was just a facebook picture, not a modeling one, so I was thinking they may have been lower-end. Who knows.
  12. Here's a repost of the original two (the link broke) and a third pair I'm wondering about. Call it if you know it! Thanks
  13. Cool, thanks. I also found another pair that got my attention, but again have no idea what they are:
  14. I discovered these two shoes on the Internet some time ago, they obviously had no recognition. Can anyone identify either one of them??
  15. I'm working on that now. Its about 45 layers of cut/stacked cardboard, so it compresses a little, but I think I can use a splint of some kind for the back that will reduce it. But yeah, total cost was $7 and only took two days.
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