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My Perfect Heel Height




Okay, I do not know about the rest of you but I am always interested in learning more about heels, how to obtain the best fit, comfort, construction of the shoe, etc. Well today I was looking for an illustration to use that would illustrate how your shoe size determines your success in wearing high heels. I had seen an illustration somewhere but do not remember where. So while doing a google search for it, I ran across this article, "How to Measure Your Ideal Heel Height" which I found on the Alterations Needed website.

I have copied the main part of the article below to make it convenient for you to read. I did the measurement on my foot and found that my "Ideal Heel Height" is 4.25" which is pretty accurate as my comfort range is heels between 4" and 5". Since I wear a size 12 women's shoe I would be comfortable wearing the higher heels.

So take a little time and try this test and let me know how it works for you.

How to Measure Your Ideal Heel Height

Measurements will be taken with the following points of the foot in mind:

  • The heel (where the high heel of a shoe would sit)
  • The bend at the ball-of-foot (this is my modified step)



  • Sit in a chair and extend your leg straight out in front you.
  • Let your ankle and foot relax so it rests at its natural incline.
  • Tip: I did a few rounds of exercising my ankle and foot (rolling my ankle, pointing my toes, etc.) and then letting it relax to get a feel for what my true “relaxed” state felt and looked like.


  • With a measuring tape or ruler, measure the distance from the heel of your foot, straight out to the point where your ball of foot bends.
  • The measurement on the tape measure where your ball of foot bends indicates your foot’s natural incline and “ideal heel height”.


Tip: this is easier with the help of a friend, roommate, or significant other, but it can be done by yourself with a little creativity.

How I measured without help:

  • Set up a camera to take photos against a wall with a camera remote, but a self-timer, selfie stick, or the buttons on an iPhone head phone cord could also be used to take photos from a distance.
  • Taped a measuring tape onto the wall at the same height as my extended leg while sitting in a chair.
  • Made sure the measuring tape, and my extended leg/foot were all within the picture frame by taking a few test shots.
  • Sat in a chair, extended my leg, and took a few photos with a camera remote. I stretched my foot and rolled my ankle in between to make sure I got a few “relaxed” shots.
  • Uploaded my photos and drew lines in Photoshop.


Hope that you found this informative and helpful! And as I always say, "Keep strutting those heels!"


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Just did mine

4.5 inch heel

and I am EU 41/42 - I think thats US 9/10

(I am vertical in 5.5 inch heels so it makes sense - I can wear 5s all day, but I mainly wear 4 inch heels during the day cause they're very comfy.)

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