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I love days when I can find something special in terms of my heels! And today was one great day when I stumbled upon a local shoe store called, Shoe Show. Now I had been to their website a number of times and found one, that they had size 12 heels and, two, the have some sweet heels to choose from. But I had been by their store before and since it was a small store I did not think they would have anything there in my size and style. Boy was I wrong!

Today when I drove by I thought that I would just pop in to see what they had, sort of like a spontaneous impulse. When I went in I was greated by a sweet young woman who was happy to answer my questions as to do they carry size 12 in women's shoes there and could I order shoes in my size and have them shipped to the store. Dana said they had some size 12's, but not a lot and that yes, I could order the shoes in my size. So I walked over to the women's section as she had to tend to another customer. Saw some heels that I would love to own but they were not in my size. The, OMG, I saw a pair of 4" high heeled ankle boots in my size! In short order I had the box opened, my heeled boots off and trying them on! Breathing a sigh of relief that they fit me so well and had the style I love in boots, I wondered why had I not stopped in this store before.

Just then Dana came by to see how I was doing and when she saw me trying the boots on, she was a bit surprised and said that she did not know they were for me. Had to laugh about that and then we talked about what I like in heels and we had a great conversation in the store about heels, wearing them and how she thought that men should be able to wear heels if they wanted to. She also went through the heeled shoes they had there in my size and pulled those that she thought I might like.

So yes, I bought a couple pairs today. I admit it, I cannot turn down sexy heels especially if I do not have the style and/or they are priced well. Dana was an awesome help and an encouragement. Hope she stays there for a long time. Nice to find someone that loves heels, can relate to others that want to wear heels and are helpful in finding what I  am looking for. Hope that you all can find a store like this where you are made to feel comfortable and accepted.

I am posting photos of what I bought today below. Like always, keep strutting those heels!

Ankle Boots_Rear.png

Thigh Boots_Side.png

Ankle Boots_Front.png

Thigh Boots_Rear.png

Ankle Boots_Side.png

Ankle Boots_Side_Jeans.png

Thigh Boots_Front.png

Ankle Boots_Front_Jeans.png



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Looks like Shoe Show, and their other stores named Shoe Dept, are just about everywhere in the US of A, except in California and Oregon.


Well good for you and your find.  I hope they get much business to encourage them to carry large size heels!

How was the quality of the shoes you found?  Are they any better than Payless Shoe Source?  At those prices, I would expect about the same or worse.

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The heels are on par and maybe a tad better than Payless. The price point was good with the ankle boots on sale for $20.00 while the thigh boots were not on sale at $39.00.

I always look at the construction of the heels I buy which means I look for poor craftsmanship, how the heel is aligned to the heel of my foot and how they feel on my feet. The ones from Shoe Show scored well in all three facets I look at. Of course all heeled boots I buy get treated with a moisture protectant before I wear them outdoors.

Dana also told me that if I went to one of their stores in a city like Ft. Wayne or Indianapolis I would find a greater selection of stiletto heels. Guess what? I am planning a road trip soon to check that out!

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