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I Space Out Sometimes!



Oh the perils of wearing heels in public so much that I forget that sometimes I should think before wearing them in certain places. Well if you are like me and wear heels most of the time, you can sometimes space out that wearing the heels in certain places can get you gawked at and can hear the comments about you being "something less than a man for wearing heels." But that is the story here.

I was doing some contract work in a town that has a high percentage of Amish, Mennonite and farmers last week. And I decided that one day to wear a pair of my sexy black high heel sandals even though it was not exactly sandal weather. I, of course wore nude nylons with the sandals to help keep my toes a little warm when outside (which consisted of walking between the car and the building). At noon I realized that I had to go to the bank and as luck would have it my bank was just down the street from where I was working. Hopped in my car and drove to the bank and noticed that the bank was kinda busy but didn't really give it a thought.

Okay getting out of my car and starting up to the bank entrance, I started to notice that there were a number of Amish guys heading for the door, too. Crap! it was to late to go back to the car and way to late to just stand there and wait for them to go through the door in front of me. So sucking in ever ounce of my courage, I just strode up to the door and went in. Now there was no way that they did now, nor the people inside not notice that I was wearing 4" heels! My heels were making that musical click-click as I walked across the lot and the bank floor. Heads turned to see and they saw me! The Amish women looked away and whispered to each other while the men smirked and laughed amongst themselves. None of them had the guts to say anything to my face (thank goodness!) but I could hear the snide remarks about a guy wearing heels.

I, for my part, put on a brave face, stood proudly in my heels and strutted to the teller, did my business and walked proudly back to my car. Was I freaking out on the inside? You bet! But I was damned if I was going to cower and run away. I wear my heels because I love them, not to impress anyone else. So please take this away from my story; don't let people intimidate you for wearing heels and if you find yourself in a situation like I was...just walk proud, walk confidently and do what makes you feel good. Maybe one day men wearing heels will be more accepted. But it takes each one of us that love heels right now to stand up and be proud of our heels, wear them out in public and encourage others to wear heels proudly.

Thanks for listening, and as always...keep strutting your heels!


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Glad to hear about your experience. To me it’s default belief that anyone paired up together in a line up will often then not react negatively towards a male in heel outfit. Often I talk myself out of wearing heels because of the conservative lame vibe at certain spots I may encounter. 

Not to hijack your post I had pleasant experience in my public heel wearing outing.  Didn’t think much of it but knew people reacted usually walking alone passing me by. Suppose it was easiest experience I ever had walking in a mall with 4” block heel booties and skinny jeans. Woman noticed me to be sure, looking upon my skinny leggings jeans and booties. Although never heard bad comment onto me or any obvious negative expressions what they were seeing.  

Had young female cashier express her compliments of my suede Moto jacket loving it as I walked up to the counter as I waited for few younger females ahead to checkout. They all noticed me to be sure but no negative reactions I could see. 

One reaction I did notice is young attractive female was leaving the store as I stood looking through clothing rack’ my back towards her. As I kept turning around looking around the clothing rack noticing her pausing, in her stride observing me in disbelief. As I glanced over noticing we were basically wearing similar bootie heels different colours and pea coat and skinny jeans. In all due   respect I felt my outfit appeared better then hers. Later in the store found the same tan synthetic booties she was wearing. So I surmised her reaction to me was not only stunned surprise of male in some quality designer heel booties with effective outfit to match. Envy for sure was on her mind. Almost appeared the woman wanted to comment about my outfit but had nobody to tell it to so she just kept walking out the store door. 




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Glad you had such a cool experience, I've had my share of them, too. Like you have experienced, a lot of the acceptance of guys wearing heels comes from women. I cannot count the times that I have had women compliment me on my heels, telling me I look good in them. Guys on the other hand don't really say much and if they do it will be comments to whoever is with them. Sometimes I get the impression that they like what they see but are too macho to give a compliment.


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For me the secret is to,perfectly  handle walking in heels. If not: lack of confidence,then it's a nightmare 

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