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Scrumpy hardmen

For our American cousins I will explain:

Scrumpy is a fermit is actually quite ented drink made from crushed apples. It is rather an unrefined drink produced chiefly in Somerset and Devon and legend has it that a dead rat would be thrown into the vat to improve the flavour but I gather that that is just a rumour. Quite often though it will be cloudy with bits of apple and straw floating in it. I know it sounds pretty disgusting but I can assure you from around 38 years of experience it is quite nice. You have to be tough to drink it, some pubs in Somerset will only allow you 2 pints and even someone like me who was weaned on it can only manage 4 before collapsing in an intelligible heap!

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Aaaaaaaah... Sounds like hard apple cider just with out the straw. Just leave it in a warm place and let it ferment. Apple season is all most done here, should get me a few gallons. Hic up...

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